Tune-up HVAC Maintenance Services in Northern Atlanta and Marietta

When you purchase a heating system or air conditioner for your Atlanta home, you need to protect that investment. That’s why annual heater and air conditioner tune–ups are so important. These regular visits are designed to keep your heating and cooling systems in top working order and will ensure long term efficiency and fewer repairs.

If are ready for an Atlanta HVAC tune up, call us to learn more about our preventive maintenance programs. One of our expert Atlanta air conditioning and heating technicians will be standing by, prepared to assist you.

Heating and Cooling Tune Up Experts in Atlanta

Whatever the heating and cooling needs, we offer homeowners and landlords in the metro Atlanta, Kennesaw, Marietta and Decatur areas the tune-up services needed to keep their HVAC system running properly. Call Cool Air Mechanical today for more information.

Atlanta Heating Tune Up Tasks

In addition to the tasks listed above for general maintenance, it is important to perform the following maintenance on your heating system:

  • Check Gas Connections and Pressure – Gas connections are vital and while they rarely get dirty or loosen, an annual checkup is very important.
  • Test Burner Combustion – If the burners don’t combust properly or don’t burn fully, there is a risk of gas building up too much or of fume leaks.
  • Check Heat Exchanger – The heat exchanger should work properly to move heat from the furnace chamber to the air handler.

Atlanta Cooling Tune Up Tasks

In addition to the above tasks, the following may be completed each spring only on your Atlanta air conditioning system:

  • Refrigerant Levels – While refrigerant shouldn’t change because it is not consumed by your system, it should be checked once a year to ensure it is not either too low or too high. If too high or too low, your system may not run properly.
  • Clean and Adjust Blower Components – Your blower fan is responsible for accuracy of the cooling system so it is important to test and adjust it. This can increase efficiency by as much as 15%.

Atlanta HVAC Tune Up Tasks

During your tune up there are a number of tasks that will be completed. In most cases, tune ups are completed twice a year –– once in the fall for your heating system and once in the spring for your cooling system in Atlanta or anywhere in the surrounding metro area. During each of these tune ups, the following systems are checked:

  • System Controls – The controls on the furnace, heat pump or air conditioner are checked to ensure they work properly. This includes the limit switch and any safety controls or zone controls.
  • Electrical Connections – All electrical connections are tested for voltage and tightened to ensure they work properly. Not only are faulty electrical connections a fire hazard, they can put your HVAC system at risk of damage.
  • Thermostat Settings – We test your thermostat thoroughly to ensure it matches the temperature settings displayed. This is done in your home and at the HVAC system.
  • Moving Parts – Blower fan motors and other parts are lubricated and tested to ensure they are working properly.
  • Condensate Drain – Your heat pump or air conditioner has a condensate drain that can get clogged or blocked if not cleaned regularly. This is done during a Marietta tune up.