Rooftop Heating Units in Northern Atlanta and Marietta

If it is time to have a new heating or cooling system installed in your Atlanta area building, you want to know it is the best option available for your building’s unique needs. One of the best options available for a variety of reasons is a rooftop unit. Rooftop units in Atlanta provide ample heating and cooling, are highly efficient and don’t take up valuable space inside your building.

To learn more about rooftop units and the installation process involved, call Cool Air Mechanical today. One of our commercial HVAC technicians will discuss with you your Atlanta rooftop unit installation, maintenance and service options and ensure you have the heating and cooling your building needs.

Atlanta Rooftop Unit Installation

The first step in rooftop unit installation in Atlanta is selecting the right unit for your building. We do this by performing careful heat load calculations on the square footage of the space in your building you need heated and cooled.

We then discuss with you exactly what type of system you want and the benefits of various options that are currently available. While rooftop units in Alpharetta, Marietta, and greater Atlanta are generally more efficient than standalone components in packaged systems, there is still a range of options in terms of gas furnace AFUE, air conditioning SEER, and overall efficiency of air filtration and ventilation.

If you have an existing rooftop unit in Atlanta, replacement is a major job so it must be planned carefully so we can properly dispose of the old unit. This can be discussed during the initial consultation as well.

Rooftop Unit Maintenance in Alpharetta and metro Atlanta

Rooftop unit maintenance in Alpharetta or other area buildings is very important. Your rooftop unit is a major investment and it will run almost every day of the year, so it needs to be properly maintained to ensure efficiency and to minimize repairs. We offer a full range of heating and cooling commercial maintenance services including annual tune-ups, on-call maintenance, and quarterly service plans to ensure optimal efficiency.

Atlanta and Decatur Rooftop Unit Repairs

While a properly maintained rooftop unit in Decatur or metro Atlanta won’t break down often, it can happen. For this reason, it is recommended that you have a skilled contractor on call that can perform emergency repairs if they are ever necessary. Whether your rooftop unit in Alpharetta stops providing ample heating or cooling to part of your building or it is making loud noises that it did not before, call us immediately for all of your metro Atlanta rooftop unit repair needs. When it comes time to install, replace, maintain or repair a rooftop unit for your building, call the experts of Cool Air Mechanical. We have been providing expert service to the greater Atlanta metro area for years and can do the same for you.