Gas Fired Infrared Heaters

Heating in some areas of the workplace can present a variety of problems. It would be ineffective and costly to extend ductwork and forced air heating into a warehouse, for example, where there are thousands of square feet and high ceilings that would require significantly more heating than a traditional office space. For this reason, alternatives have been developed for open air and outdoor spaces, including gas fired infrared heaters.

If you are interested in learning more about gas fired infrared heaters in Atlanta and how they can produce steady, reliable heat for your employees without overrunning your heating budget, contact Cool Air Mechanical today.

How Gas Fired Infrared Heaters Work in Metro Atlanta

Traditional heating systems work by heating a medium like air or water and distributing that medium throughout a building. So, your rooftop unit heats air then blows that air through ductwork to every active workspace in the building.

A gas fired infrared heater, on the other hand, heats objects directly. They target nearby objects, deliver heat to that object and only that object, and allow that object to radiate heat to other objects and people.

The technology is incredible and it allows these systems to work effectively in places that otherwise could not be heated, such as in warehouses, garages, patios, and construction sites.

Gas fired infrared heaters in Alpharetta, and metro Atlanta are also very efficient because they only heat nearby objects instead of the surrounding air. A forced air heating system heats all of the air in a building, which requires a tremendous amount of energy, some of which is lost in transfer from the air handler to those rooms. A gas fired infrared heater does not do that.

Gas Fired Infrared Heater Installation in Marietta and Metro Atlanta

Installation of a gas fired infrared heater in Marietta or other metro Atlanta area can usually be completed in a single day. Because it requires a gas installation, it is highly recommended you call a professional with specific experience working on such devices to get the job done. Cool Air Mechanical has this type of experience. Not only will proper installation ensure your new heater works as intended; it will ensure it is safe and efficient.

Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Experts in Atlanta

We recommend you have regular maintenance service performed on your new gas fired infrared heater to keep it running in like–new condition. Annual maintenance is usually sufficient unless the system is used extensively throughout the year, in which case, you might have it inspected quarterly with the rest of your HVAC system.

Whatever your needs, know that Cool Air Mechanical is on call to assist you with them. Call today to learn about our gas fired infrared heater installation, maintenance and repair services in Atlanta and the surrounding metro area.