Duct Sanitizing Services in Northern Atlanta and Marietta

Ductwork moves a large volume of air between the air handler in your home and the vents in each room of the house. It does this for hundreds of days every summer and winter and as a result a lot of debris can build up in the ductwork. Debris (which include dust, pollen, dander and other organic material), can build up in your ducts, fostering the growth of bacteria, viruses and mold if not cleaned on a regular basis.

If you are concerned about the cleanliness of your ductwork, or would like to discuss the Atlanta duct sanitization process with one of our technicians, call Cool Air Mechanical today.

Northern Atlanta and Marietta Duct Sanitization

Normal duct cleaning removes the dust and other debris that build up in your ducts over time. The goal of duct cleaning in Atlanta is to ensure optimal efficiency and to reduce air flow problems that might put wear on your air handler or lead to a build up of allergens in your home.

However, duct cleaning does not remove the bacteria, viruses or mold spores that also started to grow in your ducts between seasons. Even with a UV germicidal light system, these microbes could remain alive in your ductwork until your heating or cooling system is turned on next.

Duct Sanitization in Northern Atlanta and Marietta

Duct sanitization n Kennesaw and other metro Atlanta homes is used to remove microbes and germs from your ductwork, but it also serves to prevent them from returning by clearing away any potential growth mediums in your ductwork. There are two things you can do as well after duct sanitization to ensure the problem doesn’t recur.

A UV germicidal light system will kill most germs as they pass through the ductwork when the air handler is on. Additionally, a dehumidifier will remove excess humidity from the ductwork in Atlanta’s humid summer months, making it much harder for germs to grow. Without moisture, it is nearly impossible for bacteria, viruses or mold to take hold and start to grow.

Calling for Duct Sanitization in Northern Atlanta and Marietta

Duct sanitization is an additional service we recommend to homeowners who experience increased asthma symptoms or recurring illness such as a cold or flu. The process can be performed during standard duct cleaning and takes no more than a day to complete. Once done, the ductwork will be sanitized against all existing contamination as well as possible future contamination.

Duct Cleaning Experts in Atlanta

If you are interested in learning more about duct sanitization in Decatur or metro Atlanta, and how it can reduce the impact of bad indoor air quality on asthma and allergies, and keep your ductwork clean for longer, call Cool Air Mechanical. We are available to discuss your ductwork concerns or to start the process of fixing them.