Northern Atlanta and Marietta Solar Heating Specialists

Alternative heating sources are becoming increasingly popular as they provide reliable, affordable heat without the downsides of fuel–based heating. Solar in particular is very effective as a heating source because it cannot be interrupted and it provides steady, reliable heat on all but the coldest days of the year.

If you are interested in learning more about Atlanta solar heating, call Cool Air Mechanical today. Our technicians can discuss with you the options currently available for your home and how the installation process works.

How Solar Heating in Alpharetta and metro Atlanta Works

In an active solar heating system, heat is absorbed through solar collector panels installed in your roof and then transferred throughout your home either by an air handler or through a series of pipes in a radiant heating system.

The solar collector is designed to absorb as much heat from the sun as possible and transfer that heat to a medium such as water or air. Sometimes, a coolant may be used instead of water to avoid the risk of freezing on particularly cold days.

There is a difference between air and liquid solar heating system as well. An air–source system will work best at the beginning and end of the day because they absorb heat quickly but are not as efficient throughout the day. When your heating needs are highest through the middle of an active day in the winter, a liquid–based solar heating system will work best because it can absorb heat evenly throughout the day.

Atlanta and Marietta Solar Heating Installation

The installation process starts by measuring the amount of space that must be heated by the system. The number of solar collectors on your home will be scaled to match the size of the home being heated. Placement of the collectors can be determined in advance by one of our professional installers, so it is important to have a consultation done beforehand to prepare for installation.

Another factor to consider is backup heating. While solar heating in Kennesaw, Decatur and other surrounding Atlanta areas is very effective for most of the year, especially in smaller homes or those with adequate solar collectors, there are days on which the heat absorbed by those collectors won’t be enough to offset the temperature outside. For these days, you need a backup heating system – a gas or electric furnace is recommended most often for this purpose.

Calling for Solar Heating Services in Kennesaw and Metro Atlanta

If you are interested in learning more about solar heating and how it can greatly reduce your annual gas and electric bill for heating, call Cool Air Mechanical today. One of our technicians will discuss with your your solar heating options and help you select a layout that works best for your home. Call today to learn more.