Furnace Services in Northern Atlanta and Marietta

It is no surprise that furnaces are popular heating systems among homeowners because of their reliability and durability. A good furnace keeps you warm for decades, as it can be sized to fit any size home and is compact enough to fit almost anywhere.

Cool Air Mechanical can install your new furnace, replace your old furnace, or perform service and preventative maintenance on your existing furnace. You can count on us to provide expert Atlanta furnace services to homeowners throughout the Atlanta Metro area.

Furnace Installation and Replacement in Northern Atlanta and Marietta

Choosing the right furnace for your needs is the first step in having a new furnace installed. In order to ensure the new furnace is the right size, you will need to measure the heated square footage of your home.

You should also consider the type of furnace you buy. Many Atlanta homes do not have gas connections, making gas furnaces among the most efficient. Whenever gas isn't available, it is usually best to use an electric furnace instead. You should select a furnace that meets your needs in terms of energy efficiency as well. With an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating of up to 98%, gas furnaces use almost all the fuel they consume. Your home's ventilation system may need to be upgraded if you have a higher-rated furnace, however.

Electric Furnace AFUE
Gas furnace AFUE
UP TO 98%

Furnace Maintenance

Our furnace maintenance services are available in Atlanta and its surrounding areas. As a result, your furnace is well prepared for the rigors of the heating season each year. Get in touch with us today to discuss one of our furnace maintenance plans in Alpharetta or another nearby Atlanta area if you would like to have your heating system inspected or tuned up.

Repairing Your Furnace

The efficiency of a furnace can decrease with age. It is important to call Atlanta furnace repairs as soon as possible if this happens or if you suspect that something else is wrong with your furnace. For emergency repairs, our technicians are available 24/7.

No matter what your Atlanta furnace needs are, Cool Air Mechanical is here to help. Call us today to learn more about our furnace installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement services.