Northern Atlanta and Marietta Unit Heater Services

Unit heaters are a perfect fit for warehouses, garages and other outdoor spaces for which traditional heating is not an option. Because they are designed to be installed in spaces open to the outdoors, unit heaters in Atlanta are perfect for obtaining a steady stream of heat when you need it most.

To learn more about how unit heaters can be installed in your outdoor–facing space, call Cool Air Mechanical today. One of our Atlanta technicians will discuss with you your options for installation of such a system.

Atlanta and Alpharetta Unit Heaters Sizing

Unit heaters are designed to heat large spaces with open facings without costing a fortune to operate. They work in a tight radius, providing ample heating to the people directly around them without flooding an entire warehouse or garage with heated air that will only go outside.

When selecting a unit heater, the first step is to size a system for your space. There are many options on the market for this reason, so it’s important that you select one that specifically meets your needs. Too large and it’s overpowered for your needs; too small and it will never quite keep you warm.

If you have a large, open air space with high ceilings and limited heating options, unit heaters in Marietta or other surrounding Atlanta area, are a perfect solution.

Atlanta and Marietta Unit Heater Installation

The unit heater installation process is relatively simple. Once we’ve sized the space that needs to be heated and selected a model that best fits the needs of your employees, the process takes less than a day to complete and test. Depending on the space being heated and how intrusive the operation is to your business, multiple unit heaters can be installed on a single day.

Atlanta and Decatur Unit Heater Maintenance and Repair

Like any component in an HVAC system, unit heaters must be maintained with regular inspections. We recommend making this part of your annual maintenance inspection at the very least and if possible, include it in your quarterly visits to ensure each of your Decatur unit heaters works as intended.

We offer full repair services as well, including 24/7 emergency repairs if needed, but you can largely avoid the need for repairs simply by keeping your unit heater well maintained. For that, we recommend a regular service plan.

Whatever your unit heater needs in metro Atlanta, Cool Air Mechanical is here to get the job done. Call us today to discuss what options you have and to ensure your building is heated properly to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.