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Furnace and Heating Repair

When was the last time you took a moment to appreciate your furnace? It's one of those appliances in your home you don't think of much unless you're experiencing a problem. However, your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system play an integral role in your home. For this reason, heating repair is essential, and fortunately, we provide both furnace installation and repair.

If you search for "heating repair near me" or "heating company near me," you'll see our company in the results. Our priorities are installing and repairing heaters so that our customers' homes are comfortable when the temperatures drop.

What Types of Heating and Furnace Services Do We Offer?

At Cool Air Mechanical, we offer both heating repair and installation. We can do new heating installation for either new builds or to remove an existing unit that's failing or outdated. If we are performing a replacement, we'll first remove the old unit, and then we'll hook up the new one. 

If you're having issues, a member of our furnace service team will come to your home, inspect the problem and run any necessary diagnostics. A Cool Air representative will then bring the appropriate part, whether that's replacing a blower, heating element or belt. 

We also offer routine maintenance to optimize and extend the life of your unit. 

Furnace Maintenance 

We recommend customers receive heating maintenance on their units once a year. For an annual furnace service, our technician will thoroughly inspect your system. We'll look at the thermocouple, vent system, heating exchange and other components. Our technician will change your filter and replace any parts, with your approval. 

Heating Repair

When your system isn't working correctly or has failed, a technician from our company will inspect the problem, diagnose it, and repair it properly the first time. We make both minor and major repairs and can even handle emergencies. We take calls 365 days a year, 24 hours each day. 

Furnace Replacement

A failing system can leave you and your house cold. If you need to replace your furnace, the process starts with one of our Comfort Advisors who will help you choose a new system suitable for your home and your family’s needs. We'll then work diligently to get your system installed and running quickly. 

Heating Installation

Our technician can perform a heating installation for new construction, or if your current system has failed. We'll help you choose the right unit to make sure it has the right heating capacity and energy efficiency rating. 

What Are Some Common Heating Repair Problems?

Certain mechanical parts may wear out over time, even if you keep your system cleaned and maintained regularly. A worn part can cause the system to function less efficiently or not at all, depending on the part. Several things may happen. For instance, a furnace fan may wear out over time, especially if you allow it to start and stop repeatedly. The thermostat may fail, which can lead to intermittent heating or the furnace not producing any heat. If you aren't getting any heat at all, you might have a problem with your ignition or pilot light. Your system may be unable to keep your home at a consistent temperature if it has aging components, such as bearings, fan motors or belts. 

Should I Replace My Equipment or Pay for Heating Repair?

Every situation is different so there isn't a straightforward answer to this question. In your decision process, consider the price of purchasing a new system versus the cost of the repair work. It's also important to think about the age of your unit. If it's an older unit and has had a few repairs already, it might be time to replace it. If the repair is going to cost a substantial amount, or the unit is an older one, it might be time to replace it. 

You may want to replace an older unit with an energy efficient model so that you can save on future energy bills and upgrade to a new furnace.  

When Should the Furnace Be Replaced?

A furnace will operate between 20 and 30 years. However, as it ages, it begins to work less efficiently than it once did. You could benefit from replacing it because a newer one will use less energy.

You may want to replace your furnace if your unit has needed several repairs in the last few years. 

Consider how your furnace heats your home. Are the rooms heated unevenly? Does your furnace seem to run more frequently even though you haven't changed your heating usage? Does your home's temperature feel uncomfortable? You may need a furnace replacement if you answered "yes" to two or more of these questions. 

Other factors to consider include:

  • The furnace is cycling more often
  • The furnace is running more noisily than usual
  • The furnace has dust, dirt or rust particles around it
  • You're experiencing humidity problems in your home
  • Your energy costs are rising despite no changes in usage

When Should I Change the Air Filters?

While the exact time depends on your usage, filter grade, and whether you have pets, you should change your filter once every one to three months in the winter. You'll need to keep this up during the summer if you have a central air unit. 

What Makes Cool Air Mechanical the Best Heating Repair Company for Me?

Cool Air Mechanical offers HVAC, plumbing, and generator installation. We handle installation, repairs and routine maintenance for any HVAC unit make and model. Plus, we're open for emergency calls any day of the year, day or night. 

Our technicians have experience and extensive training, giving you peace of mind your system will function properly when we're done. You can receive the routine servicing your system needs at an affordable rate through our maintenance program.

Connect with us today to get best-in-class expert solutions. Give us a call for a free estimate, and schedule an appointment today. 

"We can help you select the right heating system for your home, then install it for you quickly and professionally, ensuring it will work properly for years to come. "