Lennox SunSource® Atlanta's Home Energy System

More than ever before, the need for an efficient, cost effective heating and cooling solution has introduced new technologies into the HVAC industry. One such technology for Atlanta homeowners is the Lennox SunSource home energy system.

If you are interested in learning more about Lennox SunSource home energy system technology in Atlanta and the surrounding metro area, and how it can greatly reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home, call Cool Air Mechanical today.

How Lennox SunSource Home Energy Systems Work in Atlanta

A Lennox SunSource home energy system in Atlanta works by using solar panels as the electrical source for your condensing unit in a heat pump HVAC system. We will install a heat pump for your home, which is then attached to a system of solar panels on your roof. These solar panels absorb and convert solar energy into electricity. That electricity is used by the condensing unit to produce heating and cooling, and in some cases may produce enough to supplement your home’s other electrical needs.


The entire system is connected by a communication module and broadband Internet connection to a performance monitoring website where you can see exactly how much electricity your home is using and how efficient your new solar panels are. As a whole, this system greatly reduces energy consumption and turns your HVAC system into a self–sufficient carbon–neutral system.

Installation of an Atlanta or Alpharetta Lennox SunSource Home Energy System

The installation process is very similar to that of a standard HVAC system, with the addition of the solar system to power your condensing unit. You can select any of a number of condensing units from the Dave Lennox Signature collection to be upgraded for the system and the solar panels can be installed to match your needs. The system supports as few as one or as many as fifteen panels, which makes it easy to scale it to support more of your home’s electrical needs over time.

In addition, we will install a communications panel and performance monitoring website so you can see real time data for energy production, total savings, carbon offsets, and system status. This monitoring service is free for five years.

If you are ready to make an investment in the energy efficiency of your home and start saving a huge amount of money on your annual electricity and gas bills, consider the many benefits of a Lennox SunSource home energy system in Decatur, Kennesaw or other metro Atlanta area.

Call Cool Air Mechanical today to learn more about this high efficiency, money–saving option for your home. One of our technicians will discuss your installation options with you and setup a time to start evaluating the best layout for your home.