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Gas vs. Electric: Different Water Heater Models

A water heater is an essential part of your daily routine, from showering to cooking to cleaning. Since no water heater can last forever, you’ll eventually need to have a replacement model installed in your home. Or perhaps you have a new home and need to install its first water heater. You have a number of different models from which to pick, but the first choice you’ll encounter is whether you should install a gas or electric heater.

There is no single answer to the question, “Which is better, gas power or electric power?” Each has advantages and disadvantages, and your home’s individual needs and your budget will affect the decision. If you want advice as well as excellent installation for a water heater in Atlanta, GA, contact Cool Air Mechanical and schedule an appointment with our water heater specialists.

Natural gas water heaters: pros and cons

Water heaters that use the power of the natural gas piped into your house work similar to boilers. A burner beneath the water tank ignites to heat the water. Natural gas is a less expensive fuel than electricity, so gas heaters can save you up to 30% in operating costs over electric. They also heat the water faster, sometimes more than twice as fast as an electric heater.

However, you must have a gas line into your home in order to use a gas water heater. A gas heater must have proper ventilation through a flue, and if your basement or utility room does not already use a gas appliance, adding in ventilation will increase installation expense.

Electric water heaters: the pros and the cons

Electric water heaters generally cost less to purchase and install than gas heaters, although they will cost more to operate. They also take up less space and have longer lifetime expectancies, and they pose no risk from carbon monoxide leaks. If you don’t have a gas line, electric-power is really your only option.

But electrical power is much less efficient, so it will cost you more to run an electric water heater and it takes much longer for one to heat up sufficient water.

Which one is right for you?

The answer to this question depends on your energy source and your long-term savings plans. On the surface, gas power seems like the better option because of its efficient performance. But fast heating and an economical fuel source aren’t the only factors for making this decision, and sometimes an electric model may end up at the top of your list.

Call Cool Air Mechanical and let our specialists help you decide on your Atlanta, GA water heater. We’ll assist you with making the choice, and we’ll handle the installation.

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