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Things You Should Know before Replacing Your AC Unit

Black AC UnitTrouble with your air conditioner means that it’s time to replace this vital appliance, right? Actually, you shouldn’t be too hasty with this task. There are a few things to consider and to know before you hire an AC maintenance company to replace your air conditioner.

Here are the most important things that come first.

What Needs Replacing?

First of all, it’s important to know that when you need a new air conditioner, you might think to just replace the unit. However, this may not solve all of your problems. It may actually be time for you to get a brand new central HVAC system. Frequent AC unit repair, a declining experience with your heating and cooling system, or high utility costs can be signs that other components of your HVAC system may need repairs or replacements too.

Several small, quick fixes are more likely to cost more in the long run. So it’s important that you put your long-term finances first and invest in replacing everything that needs replacing. How do you know if more components are failing, besides just a central AC unit? Ask your local air conditioning repair experts to give your entire HVAC system a thorough evaluation. What kind of repairs or replacement jobs can actually make your HVAC system run at top quality, efficiency, and reliability? They can offer the answers that you need.

The Truth about New ACs

New air conditioners will run much better than an older system, especially one that’s over 10 years old. Replacing your air conditioner means relying on a more efficient unit that needs fewer repairs.

However, this depends on you actually installing the right unit. Not every air conditioner is right for your home. A professional will need to recommend the ideal air conditioner for your home, and can also consider your budget. The latter is very important because new air conditioners exist on a very wide range of price points.

You’ll need to measure the square footage of your home, consider your insulation, and consider how many other air conditioners also service the structure. These factors can help you determine the size and type of air conditioner that you need. Also, there are certain types of units that are specific to your type of central HVAC system. You’ll also need to ensure that you buy a unit with a SEER rating of 13, or a high efficiency rating. These units save you money every month and are more reliable for a longer period of use.

What to Look For

White AC UnitThere are other features that indicate a high-quality air conditioner. These are some of the necessities that can make your everyday cooling experience more comfortable, less costly, and more reliable. For instance, find a system with intelligent cooling and heating. Smart features give you the power to control your heating and cooling from your phone, even offsite. Also ask about additional features that improve your AC experience, like an electrostatic air filter.

Ensure that your air conditioner comes with a good warranty. This is proof that the manufacturer believes in the quality of this air conditioner. Also ensure that your air conditioner is appropriate for the duct system that you have in place. HVAC experts can offer catered advice to help you figure out this very detailed and technical aspect of AC shopping.

To answer these and all other concerns that you may have before ordering an air conditioner replacement in Alpharetta, visit Cool Air Mechanical.

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