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The Surprising Benefits of a Furnace Tune-Up

LennoxAnnual furnace tune-ups from your local heating company in Cumming, GA, is always recommended. However, few people heed this advice. Many think a tune-up is an unnecessary expense and just another way for heating repair services to drum up more business.

This way of thinking can end up costing you more than you realize. By not scheduling a furnace tune-up, you could end up with unexpected and costly repairs.

Heating professionals don’t want this to happen to you. Check out these reasons a furnace tune-up should always be a part of your fall maintenance schedule.

Save Money on Your Energy Bill

A well-maintained furnace can save you a significant amount on your heating bill this winter. Furnaces that are tuned up and cleaned work better than those that are ignored. They use less energy, and this translates into a lower energy bill.

During a tune-up, heating specialists will clean dirty coils or burners and replace filters. The small tasks go a long way toward helping your furnace do its job better. When a furnace works well, it runs more efficiently, and this keeps your energy costs low.

Keeps Your Family Safe

Annual furnace tune-ups keep your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning and gas leaks. Heating specialists make sure the combustion process is working well to prevent hard-to-detect problems like high carbon monoxide levels and gas leaks. When you have your home’s furnace checked, you can sleep peacefully, knowing your family is safe.

Heating specialists do recommend that all homeowners install carbon monoxide detectors. This is in addition to an annual furnace tune-up service. Ask your heating pro to recommend the best detectors.

Keep Your Warranty Intact

All new furnaces come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty usually lasts for about ten years and covers many parts. Hopefully, you’ll never have problems that require you to use the warranty. If you do, you’ll be required to show service records.

Service records prove that you took care of the furnace according to the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. Many people have been disappointed that their warranty was void because they didn’t follow through with regular maintenance. Fortunately, when you hire a heating and cooling company for annual maintenance, you shouldn’t ever face this situation.

Stay Warm all Winter

Repairing FurnaceYearly furnace tune-ups should be done before winter begins, but if you forgot, no big deal. The sooner you get a tune-up, the better position you’ll be in as temperatures continue to nosedive. The last thing you want is to wake up in the middle of the night, freezing in your bed because the furnace stopped working.

Furnace tune-ups can save you the stress and grief that comes from finding affordable emergency heating services. These tune-up services also give you advanced warning of problems and time to plan for new heating installation if your furnace needs replacement.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Your Furnace in Top Shape

Replacing a furnace isn’t a cheap home repair. It’s expensive and not something you want to do every few years. A well-maintained furnace can last for decades, in most cases, up to 20 years.

Do yourself a favor and stay on top of homeĀ heating maintenance in Cumming, GA. For affordable maintenance services, call Cool Air Mechanical at (770) 343-4763 for all your heating needs.

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