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The Consequences of Neglecting Heat Pump Maintenance any other mechanical system in your home, your heat pump is prone to the typical issues that can strike when parts become worn. Anything mechanical is bound to break down at some point, and though your heat pump can be reliable and trouble-free for years, eventually problems will develop that require the attention of residential heating technicians to get it back in working order if it can be repaired or replace it if it can’t be fixed.

Whether you stick with the company that provided your heating installation in Alpharetta or you find another provider of heating services, it’s important that you regularly perform routine preventive maintenance on your heat pump. Preventive maintenance is required for the rest of your HVAC system, and the heat pump is no different when it comes to seasonal maintenance checks. Preventive maintenance is critical because it can keep your system in optimal working order and prevent small issues from becoming larger problems that are more costly to fix. In other words, neglecting heat pump maintenance is a bad idea that can cost you a tremendous amount of money over time. Keep reading to learn more about the consequences.

Damaged Compressor

Your heat pump is a comparatively simple device that relies on a few key components to achieve its purpose. One of those components, the compressor, can become damaged if routine maintenance is bypassed. Usually associated with the air-conditioning system, in a split-system unit, the compressor is required for proper heat pump function. If you run the system with dirty coils, dirty fans, or clogged filters, the airflow to the compressor becomes restricted which will cause costly damaged to your system.

Less Energy Efficiency

A dirty heat pump is an inefficient heat pump. One of the primary purposes of preventive maintenance visits is to clean parts of the heat pump that are inaccessible to the average homeowner. Also, a technician will check the settings and function of your heat pump during a maintenance call, which will help make sure your system is operating at maximum efficiency and keeping your energy bills in check.

Low Refrigerant Levels

You don’t think about refrigerant levels in terms of your heating system, since that’s usually a term that is found in conversations about air-conditioning. However, heat pumps also rely on refrigerant to do their job, and when levels get low, it can be problematic for your system. Not only will your heat pump not run as efficiently nor perform at maximum capacity, but low refrigerant levels can also lead to damage of key heating system components. During a routine maintenance appointment, a technician can check refrigerant levels and top them off accordingly to keep your system in prime operating condition.

Shortened Service Life

Checking refrigerant levelsThere’s a good reason that many heat pump manufacturers and installers recommend regular preventive maintenance on heat pumps. Maintenance can extend the effective life span of your heat pump and keep the warranty intact. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the unit will ensure that you get the most out of it during its life span. Also, routine inspections can help identify components that may be failing so that they can be replaced preemptively. Proactive replacement of aging parts is a key consideration in extending the service life of your unit.

If you own a heat pump, make sure that you get regular preventive maintenance to keep your system operating at maximum efficiency and extend its life span. Failure to adhere to the maintenance schedule can result in dire consequences including shortened service life, poor energy efficiency, and substandard performance. For heating maintenance in Alpharetta, contact Cool Air Mechanical at (770) 266-5247.

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