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Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your A/C Unit

If you want to avoid paying for air conditioning repairs this summer, then it is important to give your system a little TLC this spring. The winter runs your HVAC system hard, and it can be challenging for it to switch over to the AC side of things if there aren’t some important maintenance steps taken first. Let the following list of tasks be your spring maintenance checklist for your AC unit this season.

Invest in a Professional Tune-Up

The very best way to avoid needing anĀ air conditioning repair is to invest in a professional tune-up on your system after the winter. This will involve a professional coming to your home and doing some important work to get your system running in top condition. While there, the technician will run a diagnostic, clean out the system, apply lubrication where needed, tighten up loose screws, and check through the filters and vents.

Seal up Windows

Most people will do this before the winter weather sets in, but they fail to do it again when spring comes around. This is a mistake. The cold weather affects your home differently than warm weather. This causes some changes in the way the house sits, and the tightness of the house to the window frames. You will need to check these areas for any new leaks of air and get them sealed up. This will allow your AC system to run more efficiently which means you will save money on your utilities and your system will not have to work as hard.

Consider Upgrading the Thermostat

If you have a good AC system, then there is really no need to upgrade the entire system. Simply installing a new and smarter thermostat to better work the system will usually suffice. A better thermostat will allow you to have more control over when the system runs and where the air is being sent in your house. This will cause your system to run less, which is better for your wallet and for the motor.

Clean the Carpets

Even if you can’t see it, the winter weather has led to a lot of mud and dirt being tracked onto your carpets. As you move around, this dirt is kicked up into the air and is picked up by the HVAC system. Help your house and your vents be a little cleaner by getting your carpets cleaned well. This can also help you be sure you have killed and removed all germs from the sicknesses that got passed around your family in the winter.

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