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Signs It’s Time to Install a New Furnace

Old furnace that needs heating unit repair Replacing your furnace might not be high on your home maintenance to-do list this year, but doing so might be best not only for the comfort of your family, but for their safety as well. If you’re not sure if your furnace needs to be replaced, there are a few indications you should consider. Here are a few signs that  it’s time to get that furnace replaced.

Overall Age

One of the first things you need to consider is how old your furnace is. Most furnaces last up to 20 or even 30 years. However, once you pass the 15-year mark, your furnace is likely to be far less efficient than it once was and will definitely be less efficient than newer furnaces models. If you’ve taken good care of your furnace with regular filter changes and regular inspections, you’ll probably be able squeeze a few extra years from it. But if efficiency is important to you and your furnace is at least 15 years old, it may be time to think about making a change and installing a new one.

Frequent Repairs

As your furnace ages, you’re more likely to experience more frequent repairs that increasingly become more expensive. As a general rule, furnaces will begin to break down more often in the last couple years of life. Before making any major repairs on an old furnace, determine if the repair is more than half the cost of a new furnace. If it is, you’re almost always better off installing a new furnace rather than sinking more money into a failing furnace.

Higher Energy Bills

Energy efficiency is reflected on your monthly energy bill. If your bill has been steadily rising with no change in thermostat setting or overall climate, the culprit is likely an old furnace that’s struggling to run efficiently and keep up with the demand. As parts wear out, you’ll notice the bill steadily increasing. If there’s a more immediate problem, the bill will spike suddenly. Be sure to watch your heating costs to gauge the health of your furnace.

Uneven Heating

Uneven heating can indicate either the need for home heating repair in Atlanta or the need for a new furnace. As the furnace ages and efficiency is lost, it becomes more difficult for the heat to be distributed evenly throughout the home. That means that you’ll notice colder rooms or feel like you’re constantly checking or adjusting the thermostat because you never feel comfortable.

Yellow Furnace Flame

Blue flamePeriodically check your furnace flame because the color of flame can be an indicator of a problem as well. The flame should be blue when the fuel is burning efficiently. If your flame is yellow, it’s probable that the fuel isn’t burning cleanly and that the furnace may even be producing carbon monoxide. This is extremely dangerous, so contact a heating company right away to determine if replacement is the safest option.

Strange Sounds

Finally, be sure to pay attention to any strange noises coming from the furnace. Older furnaces make more noises than new furnaces, but there are signs that can indicate trouble. Rattling, screeching, or squealing sounds often mean repair or replacement is necessary. Popping or humming is common in older furnaces, but if the sounds are getting louder, there’s a problem that needs to be checked out. Contact Cool Air Mechanical today to have your furnace looked at by calling 770-343-3171.

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