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5 Ways to Save Money on Your HVAC System this Summer

Lounging on CouchSummer in Northern Georgia is hot and humid, which is why you want your HVAC system to be well prepared when the heat rolls in. The cost to replace an HVAC system is something that leaves homeowners feeling financially pinched, but if you don’t have a working air conditioner when the temperatures soar, what are you to do? The good news is that when you prepare your HVAC unit for summer there are few chances you’ll find yourself in this situation. Check out these tips from your local HVAC contractors at Cool Air Mechanical for saving money on air conditioning and avoiding emergency residential HVAC services in Cumming, GA.

#1 – Replace Your Air Filter

Did you know that a clean air filter optimizes your home’s air conditioning? Filters trap dust, dirt, pollen, and other debris. When the filter gets dirty and isn’t changed promptly, the air conditioner has to work harder to do its job. This means it’s drawing more energy and it’s absorbing additional stress.

Forget to replace your air filter once or twice and it’s no big deal. However, when you continuously forget this simple maintenance task you could end up with serious air conditioner damage.

#2 – Use Your Ceiling Fans

Here’s the lowdown on ceiling fans: they don’t produce cool air. They simply circulate air. So, you may ask, why waste energy using something that’s not doing all that much? Well, your ceiling fans do more than you think. They’re great at tricking your body into feeling cooler, which means you might not feel the need to adjust the room temperature as much. Consider using your ceiling fans more often this summer for HVAC savings, and if you don’t have ceiling fans, consider installing some. The bedrooms are great places to install ceiling fans.

#3 – Install a Smart Thermostat

This type of HVAC installation service can save you a bundle on our energy bill and keep your heating and cooling system running better for longer. Smart thermostats monitor your activity and automatically adapt to your schedule to help you achieve the greatest energy savings.

Is your house empty all day? Why are you cooling it to the same temperature as when you’re home? Not only does this waste your money, but your system’s working harder and experiencing more wear and tear. Ask your HVAC specialist about the benefits of smart thermostats.

#4 – Open Your Vents

Air VentWere you told to close vents to rooms that aren’t being used? If so, let go of this bad advice immediately and open all the vents in every room. Closing vents doesn’t increase comfort. All it does it put stress on your HVAC system and drain your bank account. Your HVAC system was designed to work within specific air pressure ranges. Closing the vents messes up this function and costs you more money to operate the system.

#5 – Schedule AC Maintenance

Have you called for your annual air conditioning maintenance service? Before summer gets here, call your HVAC company for preventive check-ups. Air conditioning maintenance checks include checking the Freon levels, examining the mechanical parts for defects, and fine-tuning your system, so it’s ready for whatever heat summer throws at it.

Get your home’s HVAC system primed to work well and save you money this summer. To schedule maintenance services or repairs, contact Cool Air Mechanical at (770) 266-5247.

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