Can I Clean My Air Ducts Myself?

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Regular cleaning for your home’s network of air ducts is an important part of maintaining the efficiency of your HVAC system, shielding the ductwork from damage, and protecting your indoor air quality. Depending on how much dust, dirt, and other contaminants enter your ducts, you will require cleaning every one or two years. Sometimes you’ll need cleaning done earlier if the ductwork has become heavily congested.

To have duct cleaning in Atlanta, GA done properly, you must hire professionals. We understand that many people have DIY hobbies and enjoy the idea of independence. But when it comes to duct cleaning, you cannot handle the task on your own. The job requires more than a long-handled broom, a few rags, and a bottle of commercial cleaner. Call up duct cleaning specialists, like those at Cool Air Mechanical, to schedule the work.

The reason that duct cleaning requires trained professionals is because of the extent of the ductwork in your home and the nature of the contaminants that can get inside it. Most of your ductwork is hidden behind walls and ceilings, making it difficult to access. You can reach parts of it by unscrewing vent covers, but this is hardly enough to provide a thorough cleaning. Professionals use high-powered vacuums with long hoses to reach inside your ducts to places that you can’t on your own.

Professional duct cleaning also requires agitation equipment to remove particles embedded deep into the walls of your ducts. Standard cleaning methods, even powerful vacuums, cannot get out many of these contaminants. Duct cleaners use agitators to first loosen these pollutants. This equipment includes rotary brushes on long cables and special vacuums hooked onto the blower of your HVAC system that puts the entire ductwork under negative pressure. After using the agitation equipment, the duct cleaners can more easily remove the dirt particles and other debris.

Finally, duct cleaners often use special sanitizers on the ducts to remove allergens and pollutants that can cause cold and flu-like symptoms. These sanitizers are designed to avoid leaving lingering chemicals in your air or cause damage to your ducts.

Although you can’t perform a thorough cleaning for your ducts on your own, it’s easy to discover if you need to call for duct cleaners. Unscrew the cover to one of the vents in your house, and then reach inside and use a digital camera with a flash to take a snapshot of the interior. If the image shows heavy clots of dust, it’s time to call for experts in duct cleaning in Atlanta, GA.

Cool Air Mechanical can handle cleaning out your home’s ventilation system. Our duct cleaners use the best equipment available to leave you with ductwork that will keep your air clean and your heater and air conditioner happy.

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The Tools Professionals Use for Duct Cleaning

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

You should schedule duct cleaning in Atlanta, GA once or twice a year to make certain your heater and air conditioner have as little resistance to smooth airflow as possible and to ensure that you have high indoor air quality. Because your ducts are sealed along their length to prevent losing air pressure, they can develop a buildup of dust, dirt, pollen, and dander that has no escape except through your vents. In addition to standard pollutants, ducts can harbor bacterial contaminants that can damage the duct material and negatively affect your health. Duct cleaning is vital for taking care of these problems.

Duct cleaning requires trained professionals with advanced tools. Without the equipment listed below, it’s impossible to access all the spaces inside ductwork or to remove the majority of the contaminants. Put this job in the hands of the experts: call Cool Air Mechanical today and schedule the duct cleaning you need.

Common tools for professional duct cleaning

  • High power vacuums – These specialized vacuums have a stronger level of suction than even most commercial vacuum cleaners. They have long hoses capable of reaching far inside ductwork. But most important, they dislodge contaminants from the walls of ducts by placing the ductwork under negative pressure. This makes it much easier for the vacuum to remove contamination.
  • Rotary brushes – To scrub away the most ground-in dirt and loosen then for vacuuming, duct cleaning technicians use motorized rotary brushes on extended lines. The fast-spinning action of the brushes can dislodge most contaminants without causing damage to the interior of the ductwork.
  • Sanitizers – Using vacuums and brushes does the work of removing dust and dirt, but for the job of cleansing out bacteria, viruses, or mold spores that lurk inside your ducts—which are common in the humid climate of Georgia—the duct cleaning technicians will use special sanitizers, which will not reduce the quality of your indoor air. These sanitizers not only eliminate most bacterial contaminants, but they prevent them from recurring. We recommend this service to our customers who have experienced recurring flu-like symptoms or asthma.

Some of these devices are available for purchase on-line (it seems nearly anything is available on-line now), but not only are they prohibitively expensive, they require training to use. It’s must easier for you to contact a specialist in duct cleaning in Atlanta, GA to handle the job.

Cool Air Mechanical has a staff of technicians we selected based on their extensive training. They will arrive at your home with the tools and the knowledge necessary to give you the cleanest ductwork possible.

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What Types of Materials Are Removed During Duct Cleaning?

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Ducts are a vital part of your HVAC system, extending out from your central heater/air conditioner and carrying conditioned air to every corner of your home. Over time, dust and debris can build up in the system, necessitating cleaning from a trained professional. Duct cleaning can help improve your system’s efficiency, as well as improving the overall quality of your indoor air. But what types of materials are removed during duct cleaning in Atlanta?

  • Household dust. Most of the time, duct cleaning removes common household dust, which can include cells of shed skin, dirt tracked in from outside, pet dander, and dust mites. They rarely affect air flow in your ducts, but they can decrease air quality as they build up and get blown around your house.
  • Biological containment. Mold and bacteria growth is common in a humid environment like Atlanta, and it thrives in hidden corners like ducts if you’re not careful. In particular, look for spots where moisture has entered the ducts (either through a breach or through imperfect seals) or areas where the ducts may be close to the external walls. If you are concerned about a mold infestation, be sure to call a mold remediation specialist in addition to having your ducts cleaned.
  • Uncommon items. Objects found in ducts can vary widely, depending on former occupants of your home. We’ve found such odd items as old VHS tapes, baseball cards and teacups in ducts, as well as less pleasant contaminants like insect droppings. Regardless of their nature, they don’t belong in your duct system and need to be removed ASAP.

Knowing what types of materials are removed during duct cleaning can help you understand why it’s so important. If you need Atlanta duct cleaning services, call Cool Air Mechanical. We’ll get your ducts clean are restore good air flow to your system, improving your household’s quality of life in the process. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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Under What Circumstances Is Mold Testing Advisable?

Monday, December 9th, 2013

In the humid Georgia climate, the growth of mold and other biological contaminants inside homes is often a major concern. Mold can start to grow in the walls, roof, or basement of your home. You need to take particular care about the growth of mold inside your ductwork, since it can cause the rapid spread of contamination throughout your home and have a serious negative impact on your indoor air quality.

However, because mold often starts to grow in places hidden from sight, you may not immediately know of its presence. How can you tell if you should have professional mold testing done so you can find a way to eliminate the problem?

Here are a few circumstances that call for professional mold testing. Cool Air Mechanical has a staff of indoor air quality specialists who can perform mold testing in Atlanta, GA that will identify your home’s specific problems and then find the best way to protect you and your family from the dangers of mold growth.

Circumstances that call for mold testing:

  • Recent water leaks: If your home has recently had to deal with plumbing leaks—whatever the reason—then there is a high likelihood that standing water and increased moisture has encouraged mold growth. Often, leaks start in places you cannot see, and the water that enters material such as drywall will lead to a mold infestation.
  • Unusual odors throughout your home: If you detect the smell of mold in your house, but cannot see any evidence of it, then you should have testing done right away to find the hidden source for the unpleasant odors.
  • An increase in allergic symptoms: Mold will cause a specific allergic reaction in some people, but it can cause allergy-like symptoms in any one. Consider mold testing if you notice an increase in these health issues inside your home: wheezing, congestion, sneezing, coughing, itchy and watery eyes, or rashes.

Professional mold testing

Trained mold testers will use environmental inspections as well as indoor air quality assessments to detect the specific mold issues that are affecting your home, locate the source of the contamination, and then search for a method to remediate the problem.

Because you spend more time inside your home than any other location, you need to know that you have the best air quality possible. Don’t allow mold and other bacterial growth to jeopardize your health inside your home: the moment you suspect you have a mold infiltration, contact Cool Air Mechanical and put our Atlanta, GA mold testing experts to work for you. We will discover your issues with mold and take the necessary steps to eliminate it.

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Why Consider Mold Testing

Monday, October 28th, 2013

When discussing cleanliness in your home, you’ll find it easier to talk about dust and grime than the possibility of mold growing in hidden spaces. Molds and other pollutants are troubling to even think about spreading through corners of your home. Keeping mold out of your homes—especially out of the ductwork connected to your HVAC system—is important for maintaining healthy air quality. Molds are allergens that can cause a number of health problems, and their danger isn’t limited to people who have allergies to airborne contaminants.

For a city like Atlanta, with a climate that can reach high levels of humidity throughout the year, keeping a watch for mold is particularly important. You should consider testing for mold in your house to discover where it might be growing and what you can do about it.

Cool Air Mechanical performs mold testing in Atlanta and nearby areas that is thorough and uses both environmental inspection and indoor air quality assessment. Contact us to locate mold troubles that might lower the quality of the air you breathe every day. Benefits of professional mold testing include:

  • Identifying specific health concerns: There are many different types of biological airborne pollutants, and they can have a variety of negative effects on health. Mold testing will identify exactly what kind of health concerns should be addressed.
  • Finding the cause of the growth: The reason mold starts to grow inside a home is rarely as simple as “high humidity.” Mold testing will locate where the excess humidity is entering your house and identify trouble spots such as broken ducts or water leaks, which will also need repairs to prevent the growth from continuing.
  • Learning how the mold can be eliminated: Once testing has pinpointed the type of mold and the reason for its infestation, technicians can find the correct approach to destroy the growth and prevent its return.

At Cool Air Mechanical, we have a variety of tools to use for mold remediation and mold prevention, such as UV germicidal lights and dehumidifiers. Contact us today to schedule Atlanta mold testing.

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Atlanta HVAC Tip: Dryer Vent Cleaning Benefits

Monday, March 11th, 2013

When you turn your dryer on, it exhausts dust, lint, and other particles. Like any other part of your exhaust ventilation system, your dryer vent can get clogged with debris and require cleaning. Because of the lint that builds up during drying cycles, it can become both harmful to your indoor air quality and a fire risk. Don’t let your dryer vent become a hazard. For dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta, call Cool Air Mechanical today. We can clean out your vents in no time.

The average load of wet clothes that you put in your dryer contains about a half-gallon of water. Drying removes very small amounts of the fibers during this process known as lint. While there is a mesh filter that catches much of the lint produced by your dryer, it still allows lint through into the dryer ductwork. While your hot air exhausts outside, that lint can accumulate on the inside of your ductwork.

Let’s take a look at some dryer vent cleaning benefits:

  • Reduce fire hazards: Most homeowners are unaware of the risks clogged dryer vents pose. Every year, this causes fires. Having been heated at consistent high temperatures, lint is extremely dry and therefore highly flammable. When hot air cannot exhaust quickly and efficiently, your vent can overheat.
  • Increase dryer efficiency: You may notice that your clothes do not really dry to the same extent they once did, or that the outside of the dryer gets very hot. Keeping your dryer vent clean can actually make your dryer work less to heat and tumble your clothes, which can only improve its energy-efficiency.
  •  Improve air quality: Beyond the fire risks and energy improvements, blocked dryer vents don’t remove fumes and hot air exhaust from your home efficiently, which can significantly reduce indoor air quality.  

While often overlooked, dryer vent cleaning is a necessary part of home maintenance. It should be performed annually or on an as-need basis by a professional. At Cool Air Mechanical in Atlanta, we offer comprehensive ventilation and duct cleaning services. Call us today! 

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Why Schedule Duct Cleaning in Atlanta this Spring?

Monday, February 25th, 2013

As spring brings in warmer temperatures, it’s a time of opening up doors and windows, airing the home out after the winter months, and getting organized. But one aspect of spring cleaning is often overlooked: cleaning the ductwork of your Atlanta home. If you have a forced air system, duct cleaning optimizes your indoor air quality and prepares you for the cooling season. To learn more about duct cleaning or to schedule duct cleaning service in Atlanta this spring, call Cool Air Mechanical today.

Your ductwork works all year, moving heated and cooled air throughout your home. As part of both your heating and cooling systems, the ductwork in the walls, beneath the floorboards and in the ceilings, must be clean if you are to ensure fresh air in your home. The ductwork controls the three main airflows—supply, return and exhaust—and therefore significantly contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of your indoor air system. Cleaning your ducts makes sure that your air is traveling through clean spaces, without excessive dust, pollen, dander, or other allergens. Not only will these materials impact the quality of your indoor air; if left alone, they may also begin to obstruct airflow, resulting in inefficiency.

The following list of symptoms may help you decide if duct cleaning is worthwhile. Always remember to consult with your local professional to ensure you receive high-quality service.

  • Mold. While it is much disputed whether levels of dust affect your respiratory health, mold can and most likely will begin to adversely affect your health. It is a toxic microbe that must be professionally removed. It is notoriously stubborn and easily spreads to other high-moisture levels.
  • Debris build-up. If you notice the air being circulated through your ductwork does not come out as strong as it once did, your air flow may be obstructed by dust. This can reduce efficiency and cause problems in other areas of your system.

If you think duct cleaning might benefit the indoor air quality of your Atlanta home, then don’t hesitate to call Cool Air Mechanical. We also offer preventive maintenance plans that may help you keep an eye on your cooling system this upcoming summer. Call us today!

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Atlanta Duct Cleaning FAQ: What Type of Pollutants Gather in Air Ducts

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Are you wondering whether or not you need a Atlanta duct cleaning service? The air ducts in your home can accumulate any number of indoor air pollutants. Many allergens, such as dust, pet hair, and even pollen, can gather in your air ducts. Not to mention bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew and other harmful microorganisms. A duct cleaning can clean out these contaminants and improve indoor air quality.

If there are any pollutants in your ductwork, they can get distributed to the air inside your home whenever you are running your heating and air conditioning system. This can cause poor indoor air quality, and make allergies and other respiratory problems worse. If anyone in your home has breathing issues related to asthma, allergies, or other lung diseases, you may want to consider a duct cleaning service to remove any biological pollutants from the air ducts in your home.

Here are some common indoor air pollutants:

  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander

Other sources can be related to the combustion of heating fuel, including the following:

  • Propane
  • Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Kerosene
  • Coal
  • Wood

Even tobacco products and construction or art materials, such as paint, can affect indoor air quality. These pollutants can be eliminated at the source, or there are other options, such as air cleaners, to help eliminate other common indoor air pollutants. However, carbon monoxide leaks or exposure to radon will need to be fixed at the source.

Call the Atlanta indoor air quality experts at Cool Air Mechanical for all your air quality needs!

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Why Do I Need a Health and Home Energy Audit? An Atlanta Energy Saving Guide

Monday, January 7th, 2013

In the quest for complete comfort in your home you should never settle for comfortable temperatures alone. Many homeowners are unaware of the indoor air quality problems that are adversely affecting their comfort in their Atlanta homes. At Cool Air Mechanical, we believe that all homeowners should be as comfortable as possible at all times. That is why we encourage our clients to consider scheduling a health and home energy audit. Many issues that affect the quality of the air that you breathe may also reduce efficiency in your home, leading to higher energy costs. Address both issues by scheduling a health and home energy audit in Atlanta today.

During the construction or renovation of a home you should do everything that you can to ensure that that building will be as efficient as possible. This cannot be done unless you work with a qualified professional. Many services are available to ensure that your home is as efficient and that your air is as pure as possible. A simple air survey gives your service technician all the information necessary to assess the performance of your heating and cooling system, the presence of any mold and information about particulant counts.

Good advice is one of the best gifts a homeowner can receive. HVAC consultation services with help you maximize the performance of your home heating and air conditioning system. Do not wind up with indoor air quality products not needed in your home. Talk to a professional to address the specific issues that you are experiencing.

Mold in your home is a serious problem, but it is also one that some companies like to exploit. Our technicians give you the facts about any mold issues you have in your home, and will discuss all possible solutions to the problem. Do not let mold scare you out of your home. Get the information you need to deal with the problem successfully.

If you want to make your home as comfortable and healthy as possible then a health and home energy audit is right for you. Contact Cool Air Mechanical today. We will help you improve your home in Atlanta  to make it more comfortable than ever before.

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How Air Duct Conditions Affect Efficiency: An Atlanta Duct Repair Tip

Monday, December 17th, 2012

If you use a forced air heating or air conditioning system in Atlanta, you rely on your ductwork more than you may realize. Not only is conditioned air dispersed throughout your home by this ductwork system but air is also supplied to your heater and air conditioner through it.  The effectiveness and efficiency of your heater and air conditioner depend, in large part, on these air ducts. Many homeowners fail to acknowledge the important role that air ducts play in the efficiency of their home comfort systems, though, and wind up paying more money for weaker performance as a result. To have your air duct system evaluated and, if necessary, repaired, contact Cool Air Mechanical.

One of the most common problems with air duct systems that can affect efficiency is poor ductwork design or installation procedures. Your air ducts must be designed to suit the individual challenges that your home presents. If the installation is not carried out correctly, featuring a lot of twists, turns or dead ends in the ductwork, you cannot expect high efficiency levels.

Another common problem is insufficient air duct insulation. Energy can be lost through your air ducts if they do are not properly insulated. This is especially true in parts of the ductwork system located in attics, basements, or other unfinished areas with harsh temperatures.

Air ducts may also be torn, damaged, or corroded. This allows heated and cooled air to escape through holes and gaps in the air ducts. As more and more air is heated or cooled to make up for this loss you can expect to see your heating and air conditioning bills rise.

Finally, air ducts can reduce efficiency simply by being dirty. If dirt, debris and other pollutants are allowed to build up in your ductwork system it can make it more difficult for air to be forced through the ducts. This puts unnecessary strain on your home comfort systems and will lower efficiency levels.

If you are concerned that the condition of your air ducts is affecting efficiency levels in your Atlanta home, contact a professional service provider right away. This is the only way to fix the situation. Cool Air Mechanical is happy to help you get a better performance from your ductwork system.

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