Atlanta Heating Tip: Why Schedule Fall Duct Cleaning

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Before putting something into regular use, whether it is your car or Atlanta home’s heating system, it is important to provide the maintenance necessary to ensure proper, dependable function. That’s why Cool Air Mechanical suggests scheduling professional duct cleaning this fall before the heating season really gets underway.

When a system is in use for a while, such as your ductwork system, dirt, debris and other pollutants have a chance to accumulate within the system. All of the dirt, dust and biological pollutants that may have built up over time and can be pushed into your living space by the air circulating through your ducts.

Other than indoor air quality,  there are other reasons you should consider scheduling professional duct cleaning service and general heating maintenance this fall. To begin with, this is the only way to ensure that all components of your heating system, ductwork included, are ready to perform the way you expect them to. Don’t expect your heater to just jump back into the swing of things right where it left off. Increased efficiency from your furnace and ductwork is an important factor in reducing energy use and utility costs.

Duct cleaning is also a great opportunity to have the efficiency of your ductwork tested. Forced air heating systems are a very popular home heating option, but the ductwork that they use to disperse heated air is subject to energy loss. Poor design, improper installation or insulation, badly connected joints and air leaks can all affect the efficiency of your system. Duct cleaning itself can help improve efficiency by improving airflow. By testing your ducts for efficient performance at the same time you can go into the heating season knowing that your system is prepared.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits or process of duct cleaning, call the Atlanta indoor air quality and heating professionals at Cool Air Mechanical today!

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Atlanta Heating Guide: Tips for Starting Your Heating System for the First Time

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Each year we switch from needing our air conditioning system to using our heating system. No matter what heating system you have, whether it’s a furnace or a heat pump, you should take a couple minutes to inspect the unit. We’ve put together a quick list for you to look over before you start using your heating system. Having your heating system inspected and maintained by a professional Atlanta heating company can potentially extend the life of your unit and also keep it operating at peak efficiency.

Check Your Smoke and CO Detectors

Before you do anything with your heating system, you should check your smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors. These safety systems protect you from serious injury and property damage. Check the batteries in each of your detectors and test the unit using their built in testing system.

Mechanical Inspection

After checking your detectors, you’ll want to look over the side panels of the heating system to check for rust or damage. Make sure the doors are still properly sealed. Look on the ground for signs of leaking water. Inspect the evaporator coil’s connection to the furnace to make sure that it is not corroded. While these are things your technician will also check during your maintenance visit, you can fill them in with any potential problems you have noticed.

Air Fitlers

Check the air filters in your heating system to make sure that they are not clogged. If it has been more than thirty days since you last changed the filters, go ahead and switch them out for a new one. Also check the ductwork going from your heating system to the inside of your house for blockage or cracks.

Start the Furnace

Finally, the last thing to do is start the furnace up to make sure that it turns on successfully. This should be done before you need to actually use the furnace so that you can have your system repaired if you need to. Turn your heater on and set the thermostat to a temperature that is higher than home’s current temperature. If the system doesn’t start within 3 to 5 minutes then call your local Atlanta heating company for service.

If you’re interested in having the heating system in your Atlanta home professionally inspected, maintained or repaired then call the heating experts at Cool Air Mechanical today!

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Atlanta Heating and AC Guide: Reasons for End of Summer AC Tune-Up

Monday, September 24th, 2012

When the summer winds down and you find yourself turning on your Atlanta air conditioner less and less, the first instinct for most people is to start preparing for winter. But there are very real benefits to performing in-depth maintenance on your air conditioning system now, before the winter comes and the system is left to sit in the cold for many months.

 Why the End of Summer is a Good Time for Maintenance

The end of summer is a good time to have your air conditioner serviced because it has just finished running for weeks or possibly months at a time. That means that quite a bit of wear and tear has developed and the system will be forced to sit like that all winter. Possible issues can become even more substantial in the winter months if the system is not prepared for that time.

What You Should Have Done

An end of summer tune up for an air conditioner is less intensive than a spring tune up, but should be done nonetheless to avoid problems in the winter. Such a tune up includes cleaning and changing filters, cleaning the coils of any possible dirt build up, clearing the space around your condenser unit and cleaning its fins and coils, and programming your thermostat to ensure it is working properly. An Atlanta air conditioning technician will also remove the drain pan and clear out the condensate line to avoid freezing in the winter and run a final diagnostic on the machine to ensure it is in good working order.

If you’re only going to have one maintenance tune up performed on your air conditioner, the spring maintenance visit is the most important, but to avoid unwanted repair needs in the spring and to prepare your system for the long winter ahead, consider an end of summer tune up as well. To schedule a tune-up for your heating and air conditioning system, give Cool Air Mechanical a call!

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Atlanta HVAC System Maintenance Agreement – 2 Years for Only $159!

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Preventive maintenance is the best thing you can do to make your heating system more efficient. An annual tune up will replace worn parts before they fail, clean all components so they work better, and ensure that everything is functioning safely. Because you system works more efficiently, you will also save money and cut down on the number of repairs you need in future, not to mention making your equipment last longer.

We know how important preventative maintenance is to your system, so we are offering a special deal: 2 Years of Maintenance for $159! If you buy our one year maintenance plan for $159, we will give you the second year free! Don’t worry about your heating system failing, take action today and sign up for semi-annual maintenance inspections. Give us a call for more details!

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Atlanta Heating Maintenance Service – Only $59.95!

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

All mechanical devices work better with regular maintenance. Your air conditioner, heat pump, and furnace are no exception, and they will work better and last longer if they receive annual maintenance inspections by a professional. Since we know how important these inspections are, we are offering a special deal: a Tune-Up for only 59.95! Almost half of the energy the average household consumes goes to its HVAC equipment, so keeping that equipment working in top condition should be a priority for those who want to save on their utility bills this winter.

Give us a call today to learn more!

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How to Make Your Raymond Heating System More Effective

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Everyone wants an effective heating system in Raymond – one that will provide steady, reliable heat without you having to spend hundreds of dollars each month on gas, oil or electricity. And while the best way to improve the efficiency of your heating system in most cases is to upgrade it, there are some simple things you can do around the house to boost its effectiveness. Here are some of the best:

  • Rearrange Furniture – Just having the heat on doesn’t necessarily ensure the heat entering your room is being distributed evenly. Move your furniture in such a way that there is a clear, unimpeded path from the registers and radiators to the rest of the room. Done properly, this will make it much easier to and faster to heat every room of your house.
  • Maximize Air Flow – Air flow can be maximized in a number of ways. Make sure you close any windows near a register or radiator and that you remove any large objects that might block air flow. You should also install things that can help move air like fans and always call someone in for changes to the arrangement of your vents or radiators.
  • Clean Registers or Radiators – The cleaner your radiators or dust registers are, the more efficiently they release their heat. Not only have that, but clean radiators and registers resulted in better indoor air quality. Weekly cleaning of each room’s heating source is highly recommended.
  • Install Ceiling Fans – Ceiling fans switched to blow down are incredibly effective for distributing air throughout the room. This will keep push warm air down and keeps cold air up – in effect, reducing the need for constant running of your furnace.

Effective heating is important to keep your home comfortable, reduce the cost of heating and prolong the lifespan of your furnace. You should also make sure your heating system is properly maintained throughout the year. Skipping maintenance visits (which are highly recommended annually) will put unnecessary stress on your system and shorten its lifespan substantially, not to mention the decrease in efficiency when heating your home.

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