Atlanta HVAC Tip: Dryer Vent Cleaning Benefits

Monday, March 11th, 2013

When you turn your dryer on, it exhausts dust, lint, and other particles. Like any other part of your exhaust ventilation system, your dryer vent can get clogged with debris and require cleaning. Because of the lint that builds up during drying cycles, it can become both harmful to your indoor air quality and a fire risk. Don’t let your dryer vent become a hazard. For dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta, call Cool Air Mechanical today. We can clean out your vents in no time.

The average load of wet clothes that you put in your dryer contains about a half-gallon of water. Drying removes very small amounts of the fibers during this process known as lint. While there is a mesh filter that catches much of the lint produced by your dryer, it still allows lint through into the dryer ductwork. While your hot air exhausts outside, that lint can accumulate on the inside of your ductwork.

Let’s take a look at some dryer vent cleaning benefits:

  • Reduce fire hazards: Most homeowners are unaware of the risks clogged dryer vents pose. Every year, this causes fires. Having been heated at consistent high temperatures, lint is extremely dry and therefore highly flammable. When hot air cannot exhaust quickly and efficiently, your vent can overheat.
  • Increase dryer efficiency: You may notice that your clothes do not really dry to the same extent they once did, or that the outside of the dryer gets very hot. Keeping your dryer vent clean can actually make your dryer work less to heat and tumble your clothes, which can only improve its energy-efficiency.
  •  Improve air quality: Beyond the fire risks and energy improvements, blocked dryer vents don’t remove fumes and hot air exhaust from your home efficiently, which can significantly reduce indoor air quality.  

While often overlooked, dryer vent cleaning is a necessary part of home maintenance. It should be performed annually or on an as-need basis by a professional. At Cool Air Mechanical in Atlanta, we offer comprehensive ventilation and duct cleaning services. Call us today! 

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