Commercial HVAC Trouble: When It’s the Thermostat’s Fault

Friday, January 30th, 2015

When your commercial HVAC system isn’t working properly, you’re most likely going to get an earful from clients, customers, tenants, and/or employees. These people expect you to provide them with enough cooling or heating power to stay comfortable while on your property, whether it’s for 8 hours at a time or for a quick shopping trip. So if you want to improve work morale and keep clients and customers returning, you need to fix your unit quickly.

Fixing a large commercial unit may be an ordeal, especially if no one has looked at your commercial unit in quite some time. Because some business owners or managers may be concerned about the cost, they often try to look into the situation themselves. You should keep in mind, however, that repairing a large commercial HVAC system is very difficult—a task that even many residential HVAC technicians prefer not to take on. While most commercial heating and air conditioning problems should be addressed by a technician, there is one thing you should check before calling a professional: the thermostat.

If your thermostat has controlled the temperature in the building proficiently ever since you’ve managed the property, you may not assume that this part could be responsible for any mechanical issues. But it’s best to double- and triple-check the thermostat before calling for backup. Nearly every technician has a story about showing up to a home or business only to find that a child has messed with the thermostat settings or that it was never turned on in the first place.

Ask yourself the following questions while examining your thermostat:

  • Is the thermostat switched into the right mode? Is it set on “heating” or “cooling” as needed?
  • Is there a program in place that may have shut off the heating unit for the time being?
  • Is the thermostat set to today’s date and time? Many thermostats are programmed to turn on and off at certain times of day.
  • Are you locked out of the thermostat? Check your manufacturer’s guide to learn how to re-access the controls.

Sometimes, the settings on the thermostat are at fault, but other times a thermostat is malfunctioning due to improper wiring or a faulty sensor. In most circumstances, you’ll have to call in a professional for repairs.

Contact Cool Air Mechanical when you’re in need of commercial HVAC repair service, especially if changing the settings is not enough. Call us today!

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3 Most Common Commercial HVAC Repairs

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

If you own or manage a commercial property, your clients, customers, and employees need a calm and comfortable place to conduct business. Your HVAC system helps do a lot of this work for you, so it’s important to call for repairs at the first sign of trouble. However, many people are too busy to notice right away when their commercial unit has run into problems. Instead, you may rely on your employees, customers, or even your bills, to let you know about the following problems that lead to commercial HVAC repair.

  • Insufficient heating or cooling: One of the most common reasons business owners call for HVAC repairs is if the people on the property notice limited heating or cooling in one or several areas of the building. This may be due to any number of issues within the HVAC system, including a frozen coil or thermostat troubles. When someone complains, it’s a sure sign that immediate repairs are needed to keep your business running smoothly.
  • Noises: Loud noises will also disrupt the normal flow of business, and these are a pretty good indicator that something is wrong. A damaged fan blade, for example, which may make a loud clanking sound, disrupts airflow and may eventually keep you from feeling any cool or warm air whatsoever. However, commercial units are often located on the roof, so you may not always hear indicators of problems. In this case, you may have to rely on other warning signs.
  • High Bills: One of these indicators is a particularly high energy bill. The bills for your commercial property are already fairly large, but a broken or dirty part can cause these to be even higher. Broken parts cause your air conditioning and heating system to run for longer periods of time, meaning it may consume a lot of energy even for a simple repair need.

When you need commercial HVAC repair in Duluth, no ordinary residential air conditioning service company will do. You need professional technicians with experience repairing large packaged units. Call the experts at Cool Air Mechanical at the first sign of trouble for all of your commercial HVAC repair needs.

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3 Common Signs That You Need Commercial HVAC Repair

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Problems with your commercial HVAC system can have a direct impact on your business; this is why it’s so important to attend to repairs right away. You don’t have to be an HVAC expert to spot the signs of developing problems, but it does help to know what to look for. Our Cool Air Mechanical technicians have put together a short list of common signs that can indicate the need for repair to your commercial HVAC system in Marietta.

3 Signs of Possible Problems

Following are 3 signs your commercial AC may be experiencing problems:

  • AC is blowing warm air – there are several problems that can cause your air conditioner to blow warm air, but the bottom line is that no matter what the reason, it needs to be fixed quickly. This is why it’s important to hire a technician who has experience with commercial HVAC systems.
  • Decrease in airflow – it won’t matter how cool your air is if you aren’t getting enough of it. A decrease in airflow can be the result of blockages, faulty ductwork or fan problems. Problems with airflow can put stress on your AC system, so the sooner it can be repaired, the better for you and your AC.
  • Excessive humidity – are you feeling extra moisture in your business space? Excess humidity can cause problems beyond discomfort, including damage from moisture and mold and mildew growth. No business owner wants to see products or merchandise ruined by excess humidity, so it’s best to call a professional as soon as possible.

Why It’s Important to Hire a Commercial Specialist

Commercial HVAC systems are large and complicated, especially when compared to residential systems. This is why it’s important to hire professionals with commercial HVAC repair experience.

Are you seeing the signs of possible problems with your commercial HVAC system? Cool Air Mechanical brings over four decades of commercial HVAC repair experience to Marietta business owners with every job. If you are seeing the signs of possible problems, call us today and schedule an appointment.

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How to Tell You Need Commercial HVAC Repair

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

If you manage a commercial property, you may be too busy to notice when your HVAC system needs repair. Of course, the easiest way to know whether repairs are necessary is if you hear complaints from your tenants, customers, or employees. But it’s important to catch repair needs before your system stops working in order to prevent further damage to your system or a costly replacement.

When you need commercial HVAC repair, the first step is calling a professional technician. But how do you know when it’s time to call? While any problem should be taken seriously, here are 3 signs that you need commercial HVAC repair in Decatur today.

Reduced Cooling and Heating

Commercial HVAC systems are designed and sized to cool or heat large spaces with many occupants. Reduced heating or cooling may mean that your system is the improper size, the compressor is damaged, there is not enough refrigerant, or any number of problems that may be somewhat serious. Alternatively, you may need thermostat replacement, so it’s best to have a technician locate the problem.

Uneven Temperatures

If some areas of the building are warm while others are cool, you’re bound to hear about it from the people in your building. Uneven temperatures may indicate problems with the ducts, zone control system, fans, or the thermostat.

High Bills

A good indicator that you have a hidden commercial HVAC repair need is unusually high bills. Heating and cooling a commercial property can be costly, so high bills are often expected. But when your bills spike without warning, there’s probably a part that needs repair. Calling for repair may help lower your bills, while calling for maintenance once a year can prevent such problems from occurring in the future.

When you need commercial HVAC repair, you should make sure you contact an experienced commercial HVAC technician. Commercial systems are much larger than conventional ones, and an inexperienced technician may be unable to locate repair needs, or the technician may take longer to assess and fix problems. Qualified technicians are trained on commercial HVAC systems for all repair and maintenance needs. Call Cool Air Mechanical today for commercial HVAC repair in Decatur.

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Tips on Staying Open During Commercial HVAC Repair

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

As a business owner, you want as few distractions and interruptions to the regular work schedule as possible. This applies whether you run a restaurant or an accounting firm, or whether you have customers or clients. The idea of having technicians come to your business to perform vital repairs on your buildings heating or cooling systems sounds like a significant hassle that could even threaten to close down operations for a period. For this reason, some business owners are hesitant about scheduling repairs even when they desperately need them, but this is a far worse situation, as it means discomfort for everyone.

At Cool Air Mechanical, we offer services for commercial HVAC repair in Roswell, GA that will get the job done fast and right. We know how important your business is to you, so we will make every effort possible to reduce disruptions to a minimum and restore your cooling or heating as soon as possible.

Here are some tips you can use to make it easier to keep your business open and running during HVAC repairs:

  • Only hire experienced commercial repair personnel: Amateurs are out of the question; they won’t get the work done correctly and it will take them too long, creating unprofessional delays. But professionals who only have experience with residential systems will also cause problems, since they will not have the knowledge about how to keep themselves out of the way of day-to-day operations. Trained commercial specialists are skilled at the art of remaining as unobtrusive as possible so work can go on as normal.
  • Schedule the work during off (or slow) hours: We realized that when you have an emergency, you can’t control when you need to have the repair work done. But with a bit of planning, any other repair work can be scheduled during a time when you are either closed or only a small staff needs to be present. Many commercial HVAC repair technicians offer 24-hour, 7-days a week service to help companies that cannot afford to shut down their heating and cooling during the day.
  • Install rooftop packaged units: This is planning ahead, but it is an investment that is well worth it. A rooftop package unit is in an ideal position for repairs that will not get in anyone’s way. Although you will still need to worry about a temporary loss of heating or cooling during the work, the compact nature of rooftop units makes them fast repair jobs for skilled technicians.

Hiring the right service company is the key to making it through repairs without losing productivity or business. Cool Air Mechanical has the experience, equipment, and staff to keep your company running while we provide the necessary commercial HVAC service in Roswell, GA that will quickly return comfort to your workspace. Give us a call today to make an appointment.

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