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Why AC Coil Cleaning Is So Important

We ask a lot of our air conditioners. In the summer, they can run non-stop, and you wouldn’t know what to do if yours broke down except open all your windows and figure out how to pay the tremendous HVAC system cost an Alpharetta contractor would charge you for a replacement AC unit. The first step to keeping your HVAC running like a finely tuned machine is to clean the AC coil. Here are a few reasons it’s so important.

The Condenser Coil

Condenser coils live inside the AC unit outside your home. It’s within these coils that the warm air from within your home is collected, cooled, and then sent back into your home as cold air. It’s where the refrigerant and the air interact, and why they’re so important to the air conditioning process. The air from your home that moves across the coils has all the dirt and and debris that you’d expect, and over time, this can cling to the coils, keeping them from operating at optimum efficiency.

Cleaning the Coil

Your HVAC unit should be cleaned once a year. It’s common that the process of cleaning is part of your preventive maintenance agreement, and should be performed for you by an expert technician. There are some other simple steps you can take to keep the condenser coils as clean as possible. Periodically, clear any debris or foliage from the unit. Also, trim back any bush or tree branches to at least 2 feet from the HVAC. This will prevent debris from getting into the coils, and will increase the air flow. Simple maintenance like this, and making sure you set appointments every year for cleaning will keep you from having to pay for HVAC replacement costs. Alpharetta can get pretty hot, resulting in running your AC unit for months at a time. That can put a lot of strain on your HVAC unit, so you won’t want to take maintenance lightly.

Don’t underestimate the importance of cleaning the condenser coil. If you want to avoid researchingĀ HVAC replacement costs in Alpharetta, keep your unit from debris and foliage, and keep your technician’s phone number handy for annual cleanings.

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