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What You Should Expect during an HVAC Service

HVAC MaintenanceOne of the keystones of proper HVAC performance and longevity is regularly scheduled maintenance. Though your HVAC system may perform reliably most of the time, it’s comprised of several mechanical components that require periodic upkeep and maintenance performed by a service provider skilled in heating maintenance in Decatur. Failure to maintain your HVAC system can lead to damage to your system, or, in a worst-case scenario, total AC and heating replacement.

Therefore, it’s understood that seasonal preventive maintenance through service calls is critical to your HVAC system. But what happens during an average HVAC service call? You may have seen your technician conducting inspections and using diagnostic tools, but you may not know exactly which components are being examined or adjusted. Keep reading to learn what to expect from the standard HVAC service call.

Indoor Inspection

First, your technician will conduct a thorough inspection of your system. The tech will turn the unit on to check for noises to determine whether your system is functioning efficiently. Then, they’ll check all electrical connections and inspect and clean important components. They’ll also test the thermostat function and check the electrical load for your unit. They may even check and clean the drain pan and drain. Additionally, they’ll check the temperature of the conditioned air. The inspection will also include inspecting the ducts for damage or excessive wear and making sure the system is performing to manufacturer specifications. Also, parts such as the blower motor that may require lubrication are oiled, and belts and pulleys are checked to make sure they are in good condition. If not, they are replaced.

Outdoor Inspection

Your technician will then move on to the outdoor unit, where another thorough inspection is conducted on the major components found outside of the home. During the outdoor inspection, the technician will:

  • check the refrigerant levels in your system
  • inspect wiring and connections
  • clean the condenser coils to remove accumulated grime
  • clean the drain
  • check the compressor for wear or aberrant noises
  • remove debris from the unit
  • trim back foliage that may be encroaching on the unit

Report of Findings

Once the inspection and maintenance tasks are handled, the homeowner will usually receive a detailed written report that specifies the technician’s findings during the inspection and enumerates the maintenance tasks that were performed. Also, if any failing parts or issues are discovered during the inspection, those will be described in the report as well. Some HVAC companies even go a step further by providing an estimate of the cost to repair or replace damaged parts so that the homeowners can arrange to have the repairs done at a later time.


Cleaning FilterUsually, a standard service call is billed at a set price that covers the inspection and light maintenance tasks that are commonly performed. However, if belts or pulleys must be replaced, for example, there may be additional charges assessed. If more substantial problems were found during the inspection, the cost to make those repairs would be in addition to the cost of the service call.

Regular HVAC service calls are an important part of keeping your system in good working order and extending its lifespan. To learn more about what you can expect from a standard service call, contact Cool Air Mechanical at (770) 266-5247.

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