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Tips to Prevent HVAC System Breakdowns

HVAC RepairmanWant to prevent HVAC problems arrives? One of the best ways to get ahead of problems is to get regular maintenance and stay alert to possible signs of impending problems. The last things you want is to need home heating repair in Atlanta when the temperatures are the coldest they’ve been all season. Check out these tips for keeping the heating and cooling in your home running well 24/7.

Don’t Skip Seasonal Tune-Ups

HVAC specialists recommend you have your heating and cooling systems checked in the fall and in the spring. A tune-up in the fall makes sure your heating system is working and one in the spring ensures that you won’t be uncomfortable in your home once the hot, humid days of summer arrive. During tune-ups, HVAC techs check for mechanical issues that have the potential to shut-down the system and cause expensive repairs. Typically, any adjustments needed are small and inexpensive to fix in comparison to air conditioner or heat pump replacement in Atlanta homes.

Install a Clean Air Filter

Many people feel like they have no control over how well their HVAC system works. The truth is that you actually have more power than you know. One of the easiest ways to prevent breakdowns and improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system is to regularly change the air filter. How often you need to do this depends on the type of filter you use, whether or not you have pets, the number of people living in the home, and the types of pollutants in the house. For example, if you smoke or vape in the home, you’ll likely need to change out the filter more often.

Check for Water Leaks

A working HVAC system in Atlanta should never have water leaking out from under it. If you notice water coming from the indoor unit, take this very seriously. Often, especially during the summer, condensation forms when the unit runs continuously. The Freon heats up and begins to melt causing the unit to leak. Changing the filter often prevents this from happening, but sometimes there are mechanical issues at work that need fixing. Contact your local HVAC technician to come out to your home to inspect the problem.

Don’t Block Air Vents

HVAC RepairAir must be able to move freely through the home and through the HVAC system. When an air vent is blocked, it puts more pressure on the HVAC system to do its job. If this happens continuously, mechanical parts begin to fail.

Clear Debris Away from the Outdoor Condenser

Your air conditioner has an outdoor unit that most homeowners tend to forget about. However, if the condenser gets filled with debris like lawn clippings, sticks, leaves, or animal nests, this leads to operational problems. As part of your cooling and heating maintenance in Atlanta, make sure to regularly hose down the outside unit. Do this each week when you cut the grass. Also, avoid planting large plants around the unit.

Call for Repairs Right Away

Lastly, avoid devastating HVAC failure by calling your local heating company in Atlanta right away when you suspect there’s a problem. Many times people find themselves needing to replace their HVAC system because they didn’t take care of a tiny problem and it escalated over time. If you need heating or cooling service, contact your local experts at Cool Air Mechanical in Atlanta.

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