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Tips for Saving Money on Your HVAC Maintenance

Cleaning Air FilterDo you know the best ways to keep the costs associated with your HVAC system as low as possible? Read on to learn more about money saving tips, HVAC system costs in Atlanta, and ways to ensure your system runs efficiently.

Clean or Change Air Filters

One of the simplest and easiest ways to make sure your system runs efficiently is to change out filters according to the directions on the packaging. Most disposable air filters should be replaced every 60-90 days, so add it to your calendar or set a reminder, so the time doesn’t sneak by without you noticing. Washable filters can be removed, cleaned, and reused, so check which type you have and get on a regular schedule of keeping your air filters clean and clear. When dust and debris build up on the filter, your system must work harder to blow cool air into your home, putting more strain on the system and costing you more in energy expenditure.

Keep AC Units Clean and Clear

Outside AC units often seem to be magnets for leaves, branches, dirt, and other debris, and this buildup can cause problems in how well they run. A clear area of at least two feet is recommended, so make it a habit to check the area each time you’re out in your yard and clear away anything that has cluttered up the area. To further clean the unit, lightly rinse it regularly to remove lint, mold, debris, or anything else that may be interfering with its function and to ensure it can drain water properly. A clean and clear unit can do its job more efficiently, therefore saving you money in energy costs and wear and tear on the unit.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are more than just convenient; they can also save you money. By not cooling or heating a space or a home full of sleeping people, you cut back on energy use and costs. Set your thermostat to keep your home at you desired comfortable temperatures when you’ll need them, but scale back on how hard your system works while you’re gone. The savings can add up to significant sums over time.

Get Maintenance as Needed

HVAC MechanicA final tip for cutting back on HVAC costs that sometimes seems a little counter-intuitive to people is to schedule regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs as needed. The smaller costs associated with repairs or maintenance go a long way to prevent the much higher costs that come with untreated damage or the premature wearing out of your HVAC systems. It can be beneficial for you as the homeowner to watch for red flags like unusual noises, smells, or unexplained cost increases so those problems can be addressed as soon as possible. There can still be invisible signs of damage or disrepair that the layman might not notice, however, and that’s where professional inspections can be invaluable. Problems that are ignored or left unattended tend to compound over time, and by the time you are forced to act, the damage may be irreversible and more expensive.

To have your HVAC inspected or schedule repairs, reach out to the experts at Cool Air Mechanical today!

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