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The Latest Innovations That Can Make Your HVAC Work Better

AC unitTechnology is changing and improving at a rapid pace, now more than ever. Never in the history of humanity has technology, especially home technology, been so convenient and capable of improving lives. Take heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The following technological advancements can make your home heating and cooling experience more efficient, comfortable, and manageable. 

If you curious about new HVAC installation in Roswell, GA, or are in serious need of new heating and cooling systems, read on to learn about the new innovations that are making home comfort better than ever.

  • Movement-Activated AC: Engineers have developed a new AC component that makes your cooling system actually respond to human movement. Sensors on your ceiling will trigger the AC to turn on when people are in your home.
  • Thermal AC: HVAC contractors around the US don’t have access to this type of system yet, but they may in the future. Thermal systems use solar energy for ultra-high-efficiency cooling.
  • Ice-Powered AC: Using a frozen water tank chilled overnight, these systems use ice to cool a building efficiently.
  • Sensor Ventilation: New ventilation systems will be smartphone-enabled, so you can control temperatures room by room indoors. This offers customized comfort and precise temperature controls.
  • Dual-Fuel Heat Pumps: With a combination of fuels, these heat pumps will maximize efficiency to generate heat faster when you need it. These systems may come with a high initial cost but offer monthly utility cost cuts and a more responsive temperature control experience.
  • Geothermal Pumps: While these systems have been around for decades, they’ve been tweaked for the ultimate heating and cooling experience using the earth’s energy.
  • Home Automation: Smartphone and tablet access to temperature controls can make your home fully automated, along with lighting, entertainment systems, and other home appliances. An HVAC company will be able to integrate heating and cooling with your devices for hands-on control.

If you want to learn more about HVAC installation in Roswell, GA, and the best new features available to homeowners today, contact a heating and cooling specialist today.

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