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The Best Temperature for Sleeping in Cold Weather

SleepingWant to sleep longer and better? Before you blame your mattress for affecting your sleep, consider your home’s thermostat setting. If you’re in the habit of cranking up the heat at night, you could be making it more difficult for you to get the restful shut-eye you need. You could also be putting undue stress on your HVAC system in Atlanta and need unexpected repairs. Adjusting the temperature for ideal sleeping not only helps you rest well, but it isn’t as demanding on your furnace.

What is the Ideal Temperature for Sleeping?

For optimal rest, it’s suggested that people set the bedroom temperature from 60 – 67 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to fall in a deep, restorative sleep, your body temperature needs to decrease. When you have an overly warm room, it’s harder for this process to happen. If you’re in the habit of keeping your bedroom very warm, your body has a harder time entering the rapid eye movement (REM) state of sleeping. It’s during this sleep stage that the brain experiences high activity. Dreams occur, and the brain metabolizes at a higher rate. The body doesn’t move as much, and the sleeping person is often harder to wake. When you’re not able to fall naturally into this state, you wake up feeling restless and grumpy.

Your local heating company in Atlanta wants you to think of your bedroom as a cool, dark cave. If you have a programmable thermostat that designates heating and cooling zones, consider making the bedrooms cooler than the rest of the house. You’ll likely find that sleep comes easier and you stay asleep through the night.

Also, try to avoid using fans or extra heaters in the bedroom. Many people like to sleep with fans for the white noise affect in addition to the extra cooling. Sleep experts warn against doing this because it messes with the ideal room temperature.

Ceiling fanHeating Problems

Have you been turning the thermostat down at night, but still wake up restless or drenched in sweat? If so, the problem could be an issue with the thermostat itself or the furnace. Contact a heating specialist to come over and check your furnace for any mechanical problems. Licensed technicians check to see if all the parts are working and make adjustments. If the problem can’t be fixed, the technician might suggest furnace or heat pump replacement in Atlanta. One of the best ways to prevent an unexpected chilly or overly warm night is to have your furnace checked once a year right before the heating season begins.

Sleep Better with Regular Heating Maintenance in Atlanta

When your heating system is working as it’s intended, not only do you sleep better physically, you also have peace of mind. While winters in Atlanta don’t get as bone-chilling cold as they do in other parts of the country, wintertime still brings unpleasant temperatures. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable in your home around the clock.

Regular maintenance means that you don’t have to worry if your heater is going to go out on the coldest day of the year. This assurance always make you rest easier, so you don’t have to worry about expensive home heating repair in Atlanta. If it’s been a while since you’ve had heating maintenance services, contact Cool Air Mechanical for a complete HVAC checkup today!

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