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Reasons Your AC Is Freezing Up at Night

Have you discovered ice on the indoor part of your home’s air conditioner? If this area is covered in ice, you need to figure out what’s causing the problem. The good news is that this isn’t necessarily a major repair. Keep reading to learn more about why air conditioners freeze at night—or any time of the day—and what you can do about it.

Airflow Issues

When your air-conditioning system doesn’t have enough air moving through it, the coil freezes. This causes the unit to freeze up and stop working well. Luckily, this problem is often fixed by replacing the air filter. When a filter is too dirty, not the right size, or you forget to put an air filter in the unit, dirt begins to collect on the evaporator coil. This problem is avoidable by making sure to stay on top of this essential task.

If it’s not the filter, you could have an issue with the ductwork. Blocked ducts cause airflow problems and, in serious cases, could require repairs or replacement. To find out if you need HVAC duct replacement in Dunwoody, contact a professional HVAC service to evaluate the situation.

Low Coolant Levels

To keep you air conditioner running well, you need to add refrigerant once or twice a year. If you’re having trouble with your unit freezing at night, there could be a leak in the system that’s leaking refrigerant. This happens more often than people realize because parts vibrate and rub together. Over time, this causes fittings and joints to loosen. The leak causes the pressure in the coil to drop, and moisture begins to collect on the unit. Eventually, this causes the coil to freeze. Regular HVAC maintenance in Dunwoody goes a long way toward preventing leaks and keeping all parts in working order.

Air Temperature

Did you know the outdoor air temperature has an effect on the air conditioner and how it works? When the outside air drops below a certain temperature, the system’s pressure drops, and the air conditioner freezes up. This happens in the Atlanta area during late spring and early summer when temperatures during the day warm up, but the nighttime is cool. Consider turning your air conditioner off at night and opening the windows to keep the house cool.

A Bad Blower Motor

Another reason your air conditioner might freeze is when it has a defective blower motor. A sign that this is a problem is when the outdoor condenser works, but the indoor part of the air-conditioning system doesn’t turn on.

How to Prevent Freezing

Most problems with HVAC in Dunwoody are directly related to maintenance issues. Homeowners who keep up with preventive maintenance services and schedule regular tune-ups fare better. Expensive, emergency repairs are avoided, and you stay comfortable in your home all year long. Twice-a-year tune-ups check for things like low refrigerant, defective parts, and other issues that causes AC units to freeze up at night and stop working during the day. Maintenance services are an affordable way to keep your home’s heating and cooling system working and prevents the need for untimely HVAC installation in Dunwoody.

Do you need maintenance services or have questions about an AC unit that keeps freezing? Contact Cool Air Mechanical to schedule HVAC service today!


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