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Dangers Associated with DIY HVAC Repair

Guy Fixing ACWith the proliferation of YouTube How To videos, all kinds of objects seem easy to fix. From your car to your lawnmower and your shed to your home, there doesn’t seem like there is anything you can’t repair or improve. However, YouTube videos have their own problems. The video may not be made by a professional. It may skip important steps or safety information. It could even fail to mention what tools you’ll need to do the job correctly. Beyond these issues, there are some systems that you should leave the repairing and installation of to professionals. Your HVAC is a good example of something that should be done by a company that has been in business for a while.

Endangering Your Life with Electricity

Your HVAC is connected to high voltage electrical systems. If you’re not familiar with electrical systems and don’t take the right precautions, you could face a life-threatening injury due to the shock of electricity. This could include stopping your heart and causing electrical burns on and through your body. Alternatively, you could short circuit the system, which could make the problem worse and require you to replace the entire HVAC system with a new one.

A Waste of Time

Identifying the problem with an HVAC system is difficult and differs from unit to unit. Some newer HVACs require special equipment to help with the problem identification. It will take you time to figure out what the actual issue is, and if you misidentify the problem and apply an inappropriate fix to your perceived issue, you waste your time. More than that, while you may identify the problem correctly, you could miss another problem that needs immediate attention.

A Waste of Money

Worse, if the DIY project was supposed to save you money, it will have done the opposite and wasted it. Chances are you will have to buy materials and tools for the repair. Even if you did find the correct problem, these items can be more expensive than hiring a repair professional, especially if you only use them once. Time and money are valuable resources; don’t let an ill-conceived DIY project steal them from you. Hiring a professional is by far the easiest thing for you to do; it will save you both time and money in the long run.

Bye, Bye Warranty

Hand over ACDoing a repair job or installation yourself can void the HVAC’s warranty. If something mechanically goes wrong with the HVAC, you’ll be responsible for paying for the replacement and have nowhere to turn, even if you did everything correctly. Warranties are valuable, especially considering the cost of replacing an HVAC system. Let a professional deal with the installation and repair so you won’t have to worry about an unexpected issue costing you more money than you can afford.

The Better Alternative

Rather than do an HVAC installation in Cumming, GA, yourself, you’re better off having a professional team do the job. You’ll keep the warranties on the equipment valid, and you’ll know who to call when something goes wrong or you need maintenance. For all of your HVAC needs, contact Cool Air Mechanical and schedule an appointment.

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