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Atlanta HVAC Tip: Heat Pump Air Duct Requirements

Heat Pump Technology

Among the systems getting a fresh look are Atlanta heat pumps, a device that transfers thermal energy from one location to another, usually in the direction of from a colder temperature to higher and generally the opposite of the natural flow.  While compressor-driven air conditioners and freezers are technically heat pumps, “heat pump” is the term that usually implies one of the less-common devices in the class that are not dedicated to refrigeration-only.

Heat pumps can provide both heating and cooling; they simply reverse the heat flow from inside to outside and vice versa depending on the season. Heat pumps use the thermal energy in the outdoor air, even when the temperature is near freezing they can still transfer the heat that is in the air into your home. Since heat pumps transfer heat instead of producing it through combustion, more and more people are seeing them as an energy efficient Atlanta heating and cooling option.

Atlanta HVAC  - Air DuctsChange of Use

In considering a change from an existing system to a heat pump, there are many details to compare to see if it makes any sense at all.

Since a heat pump typically moves conditioned air through ductwork, the advantages of the change are much more realistic with a system of pre-existing ducts such as a forced air furnace or central air-conditioning unit.  While a heat pump often requires a larger volume of ducts, the old network of metal tunnels was often over-sized for inefficient furnaces and should do fine in a conversion to a heat pump.

The Right Data

Since the required formulas are dependent upon variables such as size, distance, volume and oomph, the design is strategic and makes all the difference.  Consulting with a trained and experienced professional such as Cool Air Mechanical is critical to the success of the conversion.

Do the homework to get the best recommendation for your home.

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