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AC Installation: Tips for Preparing Your Home

ACIs it time to upgrade your air conditioning system? Before you call for HVAC installation in Buford, GA, make sure your home is prepared for the installation process. Check out these tips to get ready for your new HVAC system.

Clean and Seal the Ductwork

When you install a new air conditioning system, it’s always a good idea to invest in duct cleaning. If this isn’t part of your regular HVAC preventive maintenance in Buford, GA, then it’s very likely that there are years, maybe even decades, of dirt and debris inside your home’s ducts. Cleaning the ducts means that your new system gets off to the best start.

Also, sealing any leaky ductwork is also very important. You don’t want your system to disappoint you or struggle to maintain efficiency because air is leaking from the ductwork.  Get this service done before your installation service for optimal performance from your new system.

Do Your Research

The biggest mistake that homeowners make when installing a new HVAC unit is sticking with the same brand and model that they currently have. Because you don’t install a new HVAC unit every couple of years the chances are high that technology has changed a lot. That means there are better, more energy-efficient options on the market.

Have you needed a lot of AC unit repair over the course of owning your current HVAC system? If this is true, it’s possible that you had a unit that was too small for your home’s heating and cooling needs. The unit may have broken frequently because there was too much demand being placed on it.

To get the best deal on a new air conditioning unit, do your research and know the size and type of unit that best fits your home’s heating and cooling requirements. Speak with qualified AC installers in Buford, GA, to help you purchase and install the correct unit for your home.

Clear the Area

AC InstallationIs there clutter around your current air conditioning unit? If so, spend some time clearing the area around the HVAC system. Many heating and cooling specialists charge by the hour. Do you want them charging you to move old toys, furniture, or other items that are stored near the HVAC system? Even if you’re not ready right now for a new heating and cooling system, it’s always a good idea to make cleaning up around the system a part of your regular AC maintenance. This prevents accidental damage.

Will the Installer Remove the Old HVAC Unit?

This is a question you want to ask before you hire an HVAC installation company. Most installers remove the old unit, but this isn’t always in the original price quote. In fact, it might be an add-on service that costs more than you think. Before you agree to a price, take time to find out everything that is included in the cost. The last thing you want is a costly surprise or be saddled with an old air conditioning unit that you need to dispose of yourself.

Have you decided it’s time to get a new AC unit installed? For quality installation and workmanship, contact the professionals at Cool Air Mechanical today!

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