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7 Things to Consider While Hiring an HVAC Contractor

When your furnace or air conditioning needs repair or replacement, you have a big decision to make regarding finding an HVAC contractor. Your HVAC system is one of the most important investments in your house. In fact, before the day arrives that you need to do major repair, it’s wise to establish a relationship with a contractor that does HVAC maintenance in Cumming, GA. Here are some tips for finding a reputable contractor.


Technicians who work on HVAC systems are required to be licensed by the state. Licensing shows that the technician has the training and expertise to do the job right. A handyman without licensing credentials has not proven that he has the knowledge necessary to complete the job to industry and safety standards.


A reputable contractor will carry insurance, which offers protection for both the company and the client. Any contractor that would go without insurance is highly suspect and should be avoided.

Brick and Mortar Presence

Sometimes, door-to-door sales representatives try to sell HVAC services. These services have workers that do the job and then leave town. If you have any follow-up questions or service needs, they’re nowhere to be found. It’s always best to do business with an HVAC service in Cumming, GA, that has a local office presence.

References and Reviews

A company, of course, is going to say good things about itself. The more important question is: what do past customers say? Ask the company for references and check online reviews. Insights from real customers can either inspire confidence or give warning signs to be wary.

Home Inspection

If you’re looking to replace your furnace or air conditioning, the HVAC contractor should visit your home first to make sure they are installing the right model. Depending on the size of your house, the model you’ll need will differ. If a service is reluctant to make a home visit, that’s a sign that you should look elsewhere for a contractor.


Ask what brand of furnace or air conditioning unit they plan to install. You should insist on quality brands and not cheaper models. You want to make sure a really good price quote isn’t based on substandard equipment.

Reliable Service

You want a contractor that will be around for services such routine tune-ups in the future. In fact, HVAC preventative maintenance in Cumming, GA, can make your furnace and air conditioning run more efficiently throughout the life of your system.

Do Your Homework on HVAC Contractors

Hiring an HVAC contractor is a big decision. Doing a little research today can pay off for many tomorrows of comfort thanks to a well-running HVAC system.

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