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5 HVAC Must Dos before Summer Vacation

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start making those vacation plans. Among the many things you think about while packing your bags, the HVAC unit in your home is usually not one of them. Why should you? If your AC is in good shape, then everything should continue working as usual, right? However, what you don’t realize is that letting your AC run at the usual setting will keep your home cool for no one. Living in Georgia means very high temperatures during the summer, and while you may be away from all these problems, your AC will keep working hard to maintain the desired comfort zone inside your home. Any HVAC company in Buford, GA, will tell you that this is a waste of money. 

Minimizing HVAC Energy Expenses

There are certain steps you could take to minimize the amount of energy your HVAC unit consumes. Simply turning off your AC may not be an option, due to pets left behind or a number of other reasons. However, what you can do is turn up the temperature around five degrees because that shouldn’t cause your pet any discomfort, but it will save a significant amount on energy consumption. While minimizing utility costs is important, keeping your HVAC unit alive is crucial. You’ve probably heard of power surges before, which can permanently damage electrical equipment. If your home gets hit with a power surge for one reason or another, you may have to replace your HVAC unit as soon as you get back. Installing a surge protector will prevent your air conditioner from getting damaged, but you should probably call HVAC maintenance in Buford, GA, to make sure the installation is done right.

Keeping up with Maintenance

Lastly, there’s routine maintenance, especially when it comes to air filters. Having a clean filter minimizes the risk of malfunction, which is crucial when no one’s home, because a small malfunction can turn into serious repair work if not addressed quickly. Calling your local HVAC company in Buford, GA, may seem like an unnecessary expense. You can choose to take a risk, since there is no guarantee of anything breaking down. However, keep in mind that buying a new HVAC unit is going to seem like a fortune compared to a routine checkup.

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