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Why Schedule Duct Cleaning in Atlanta this Spring?

As spring brings in warmer temperatures, it’s a time of opening up doors and windows, airing the home out after the winter months, and getting organized. But one aspect of spring cleaning is often overlooked: cleaning the ductwork of your Atlanta home. If you have a forced air system, duct cleaning optimizes your indoor air quality and prepares you for the cooling season. To learn more about duct cleaning or to schedule duct cleaning service in Atlanta this spring, call Cool Air Mechanical today.

Your ductwork works all year, moving heated and cooled air throughout your home. As part of both your heating and cooling systems, the ductwork in the walls, beneath the floorboards and in the ceilings, must be clean if you are to ensure fresh air in your home. The ductwork controls the three main airflows—supply, return and exhaust—and therefore significantly contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of your indoor air system. Cleaning your ducts makes sure that your air is traveling through clean spaces, without excessive dust, pollen, dander, or other allergens. Not only will these materials impact the quality of your indoor air; if left alone, they may also begin to obstruct airflow, resulting in inefficiency.

The following list of symptoms may help you decide if duct cleaning is worthwhile. Always remember to consult with your local professional to ensure you receive high-quality service.

  • Mold. While it is much disputed whether levels of dust affect your respiratory health, mold can and most likely will begin to adversely affect your health. It is a toxic microbe that must be professionally removed. It is notoriously stubborn and easily spreads to other high-moisture levels.
  • Debris build-up. If you notice the air being circulated through your ductwork does not come out as strong as it once did, your air flow may be obstructed by dust. This can reduce efficiency and cause problems in other areas of your system.

If you think duct cleaning might benefit the indoor air quality of your Atlanta home, then don’t hesitate to call Cool Air Mechanical. We also offer preventive maintenance plans that may help you keep an eye on your cooling system this upcoming summer. Call us today!

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