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Why Consider Mold Testing

When discussing cleanliness in your home, you’ll find it easier to talk about dust and grime than the possibility of mold growing in hidden spaces. Molds and other pollutants are troubling to even think about spreading through corners of your home. Keeping mold out of your homes—especially out of the ductwork connected to your HVAC system—is important for maintaining healthy air quality. Molds are allergens that can cause a number of health problems, and their danger isn’t limited to people who have allergies to airborne contaminants.

For a city like Atlanta, with a climate that can reach high levels of humidity throughout the year, keeping a watch for mold is particularly important. You should consider testing for mold in your house to discover where it might be growing and what you can do about it.

Cool Air Mechanical performs mold testing in Atlanta and nearby areas that is thorough and uses both environmental inspection and indoor air quality assessment. Contact us to locate mold troubles that might lower the quality of the air you breathe every day. Benefits of professional mold testing include:

  • Identifying specific health concerns: There are many different types of biological airborne pollutants, and they can have a variety of negative effects on health. Mold testing will identify exactly what kind of health concerns should be addressed.
  • Finding the cause of the growth: The reason mold starts to grow inside a home is rarely as simple as “high humidity.” Mold testing will locate where the excess humidity is entering your house and identify trouble spots such as broken ducts or water leaks, which will also need repairs to prevent the growth from continuing.
  • Learning how the mold can be eliminated: Once testing has pinpointed the type of mold and the reason for its infestation, technicians can find the correct approach to destroy the growth and prevent its return.

At Cool Air Mechanical, we have a variety of tools to use for mold remediation and mold prevention, such as UV germicidal lights and dehumidifiers. Contact us today to schedule Atlanta mold testing.

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