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The Tools Professionals Use for Duct Cleaning

You should schedule duct cleaning in Atlanta, GA once or twice a year to make certain your heater and air conditioner have as little resistance to smooth airflow as possible and to ensure that you have high indoor air quality. Because your ducts are sealed along their length to prevent losing air pressure, they can develop a buildup of dust, dirt, pollen, and dander that has no escape except through your vents. In addition to standard pollutants, ducts can harbor bacterial contaminants that can damage the duct material and negatively affect your health. Duct cleaning is vital for taking care of these problems.

Duct cleaning requires trained professionals with advanced tools. Without the equipment listed below, it’s impossible to access all the spaces inside ductwork or to remove the majority of the contaminants. Put this job in the hands of the experts: call Cool Air Mechanical today and schedule the duct cleaning you need.

Common tools for professional duct cleaning

  • High power vacuums – These specialized vacuums have a stronger level of suction than even most commercial vacuum cleaners. They have long hoses capable of reaching far inside ductwork. But most important, they dislodge contaminants from the walls of ducts by placing the ductwork under negative pressure. This makes it much easier for the vacuum to remove contamination.
  • Rotary brushes – To scrub away the most ground-in dirt and loosen then for vacuuming, duct cleaning technicians use motorized rotary brushes on extended lines. The fast-spinning action of the brushes can dislodge most contaminants without causing damage to the interior of the ductwork.
  • Sanitizers – Using vacuums and brushes does the work of removing dust and dirt, but for the job of cleansing out bacteria, viruses, or mold spores that lurk inside your ducts—which are common in the humid climate of Georgia—the duct cleaning technicians will use special sanitizers, which will not reduce the quality of your indoor air. These sanitizers not only eliminate most bacterial contaminants, but they prevent them from recurring. We recommend this service to our customers who have experienced recurring flu-like symptoms or asthma.

Some of these devices are available for purchase on-line (it seems nearly anything is available on-line now), but not only are they prohibitively expensive, they require training to use. It’s must easier for you to contact a specialist in duct cleaning in Atlanta, GA to handle the job.

Cool Air Mechanical has a staff of technicians we selected based on their extensive training. They will arrive at your home with the tools and the knowledge necessary to give you the cleanest ductwork possible.

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