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How Air Duct Conditions Affect Efficiency: An Atlanta Duct Repair Tip

If you use a forced air heating or air conditioning system in Atlanta, you rely on your ductwork more than you may realize. Not only is conditioned air dispersed throughout your home by this ductwork system but air is also supplied to your heater and air conditioner through it.  The effectiveness and efficiency of your heater and air conditioner depend, in large part, on these air ducts. Many homeowners fail to acknowledge the important role that air ducts play in the efficiency of their home comfort systems, though, and wind up paying more money for weaker performance as a result. To have your air duct system evaluated and, if necessary, repaired, contact Cool Air Mechanical.

One of the most common problems with air duct systems that can affect efficiency is poor ductwork design or installation procedures. Your air ducts must be designed to suit the individual challenges that your home presents. If the installation is not carried out correctly, featuring a lot of twists, turns or dead ends in the ductwork, you cannot expect high efficiency levels.

Another common problem is insufficient air duct insulation. Energy can be lost through your air ducts if they do are not properly insulated. This is especially true in parts of the ductwork system located in attics, basements, or other unfinished areas with harsh temperatures.

Air ducts may also be torn, damaged, or corroded. This allows heated and cooled air to escape through holes and gaps in the air ducts. As more and more air is heated or cooled to make up for this loss you can expect to see your heating and air conditioning bills rise.

Finally, air ducts can reduce efficiency simply by being dirty. If dirt, debris and other pollutants are allowed to build up in your ductwork system it can make it more difficult for air to be forced through the ducts. This puts unnecessary strain on your home comfort systems and will lower efficiency levels.

If you are concerned that the condition of your air ducts is affecting efficiency levels in your Atlanta home, contact a professional service provider right away. This is the only way to fix the situation. Cool Air Mechanical is happy to help you get a better performance from your ductwork system.

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