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The Importance of Timely Annual Furnace Maintenance

Changing Furnace FilterYou know that your car requires regular maintenance. You get the oil changed, rotate the tires, have the fluid levels checked, and complete other basic maintenance tasks regularly without waiting for something to go wrong with your car. So why wouldn’t you do your furnace the same courtesy? Far too many homeowners ignore the importance of regular maintenance for their HVAC system and simply wait until there’s a problem to get repairs. Here’s why regular, annual furnace checkups are so important for your furnace.

You’re Dealing with Gas

The majority of furnaces in homes use gas to heat the air that’s being pumped into the living spaces. When you’re dealing with gas that’s potentially dangerous like carbon monoxide, you really shouldn’t cut any corners. Even if your furnace seems to be working just fine, it could be leaking carbon monoxide into your home. Not only is carbon monoxide a combustion hazard — a single spark could set off an explosion if there’s enough of the gas — but it is extremely dangerous to your family’s health as well.

Exposure to carbon monoxide can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and long-lasting health problems, as it impact’s the body’s ability to get oxygen to the brain. In large amounts, carbon monoxide can even cause your organs to shut down and lead to death.

If you’re having your furnace checked annually, an HVAC expert can check for cracks in the heat exchanger or any issues related to the pilot light and igniter. They can also check current carbon monoxide levels around your furnace. Of course, even with regular maintenance, you should still have a carbon monoxide detector in your home for your family’s safety.

Your Furnace Is More Efficient

A furnace that receives annual tune-ups is simply more efficient than one that gets ignored. During annual tune-ups, your furnace’s motors will be oiled to run more smoothly, filters will be checked and replaced, and your thermostat will be checked to ensure it is functioning accurately. All of these things can make your furnace more efficient, which allows it to operate using less energy and lowers your utility costs.

Your Furnace Lasts Longer

Just like performing routine maintenance on your car helps it to last longer, annual tune-ups for your furnace can prolong its life. Any parts that are wearing out can be replaced to prevent breakdowns and other expensive issues. And, because your furnace is working more efficiently, it’s not straining to keep your home warm; less strain on the HVAC unit means a longer life for all of its parts and the unit as a whole. This can save you even more money in the long run, as you won’t have to replace that furnace as frequently as you would without maintenance services.

When to Get It Checked

Furnace MaintenanceNow that you understand why regular maintenance is so important for your furnace, you might be wondering when the best time to do it is. For your own benefit and peace of mind, it is usually best to do your annual furnace tune-up in the fall, before the temperature begins to drop. This allows you to get everything taken care of and ensure your unit is functioning properly before you need to rely on it to keep your home comfortable.

If your furnace needs a tune-up, contact Cool Air Mechanical to schedule maintenance services. Or, if your unit is in need of replacement, call us at 770-266-5247 to ask about HVAC system cost in John’s Creek.

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