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Problems You May Encounter in Your Furnace’s Air Handler

One of the more active components of your furnace is the air handler, also known as the blower. Without this component, the warm air generated in your system cannot reach your living spaces. During the winter months, your blower operates a great deal, so it isn’t uncommon for problems to develop. But diagnosing and repairing those problems should be left to a trained professional. The certified technicians at Cool Air Mechanical can assist you with any heating need you may have, so call us today!

Common Problems with Air Handlers

Here are some of the more common problems our Cool Air Mechanical technicians see with furnace blowers:

Electrical Problems

There are a number of wires, relays and switches in the blower assembly and when these components wear down or break, the electrical flow can be interrupted. Wires corrode and fray over time, relays can become stuck and switches can break. Locating a specific electrical problem can be challenging, which is why all electrical repair should be left to an expert.

Motor Issues

The blower has a fan that allows it to rotate and push the warm air into your home. Common problems with the fan motor can be lack of lubrication, which causes friction, problems with the capacitors and overheating. Sometimes the fan motor can be repaired but there are instances when it needs to be replaced.

Belt Problems

Fan belts can wear and stretch, and when this happens with your blower, a worn belt can affect the rotation of your fan. In turn, this will decrease the amount of air flow in your system. Belts can make a screeching noise when they begin to wear down, so if you hear this sound coming from your furnace, call a technician for assistance.

Loose/bent/broken fan blades

Unsecured or bent fan blades can cause significant damage to your system if left unattended. This is because they can come into contact with other parts of your system as the fan turns. Leaving loose or broken fans to knock around your system can lead to damage and be potentially harmful, so if you hear a banging or clunking sound when your furnace operates, make sure to call for a technician.

When your fan doesn’t operate correctly, your entire system can be affected. If you are experiencing issues with your furnace’s blower, call Cool Air Mechanical today and schedule an appointment for heating repair service in Alpharetta.

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