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Is the Air Handler in Your Heating System Damaged?

The air handler is a fancy way of saying a blower or a fan mechanism that helps circulate air through your duct system and into your home. They’re usually connected to (or a part of) heat pumps and similar devices, which need them to operate in conjunction with an existing duct system.  Is the air handler in your heating system damaged? Here are a few signs that you might have an issue.

The easiest way to tell if your air handler is damaged is to monitor the flow of air through your ducts. If the air flow is reduced or nonexistent, then there’s a problem. Reduced air flow can come from damaged or bent fan blades, from blockage somewhere in the system, or from a motor that isn’t performing as well as it should. If the air flow is cut off entirely, then the fan motor may be overloaded, resulting in an automatic shut-off. The fan belt may have snapped or the fan itself may be blocked, preventing it from running at all.

Another telltale sign of damage is an odd or unusual noise coming from the air handler. It might be a buzzing or an arcing, suggesting a malfunctioning piece of electronics. It much also sound like a grating, particularly if the fan is misaligned and rubbing against other components. Any unusual sound is cause for concern.

If you think the air handler in your heating system is damaged, shut it down and call in a trained technician immediately. When it comes to heating repair in Atlanta, homeowners can count on the experts at Cool Air Mechanical. We handle problems with air handlers, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

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