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Heat Pump Repair Problems: The Check Valves

Although heat pumps work on a simple concept—moving heat from one location and depositing it in another—they are extremely intricate machines that depend on numerous precision components working in harmonious balance. Even a basic schematic of a heat pump shows how many different parts one requires to function. This is why you cannot rely on amateurs for repair work on a heat pump, or attempt to make repairs a “do-it-yourself” adventure. The chances are high that your heat pump will sustain damage from an incorrect repair and end up working worse than before—or not working at all.

Fixing a heat pump is fast and easy when you call for experienced HVAC technicians to take on the job. Cool Air Mechanical offers 24/7 heat pump repair to Lawrenceville, GA and throughout the greater Atlanta area. When you need your heat pump working again, make us your first call.

Is a check valve the problem?

One of the components in a heat pump that will give the unit trouble if it malfunctions is the check valves. Because heat pumps can move refrigerant two different directions through the system (one direction for heating mode, the other for cooling), they need devices in them to help direct the refrigerant flow. Not all heat pumps have check valves, but those that do have two, one each in the outdoor and indoor units. The purpose of these valves is to route refrigerant around metering devices that are not in use. This helps the system maintain proper refrigerant pressure no matter which mode it is in. Most modern heat pumps have check valves as part of the metering devices themselves. They are durable so they can withstand a heavy reversal of the refrigerant flow pressure, something that often happens when the heat pump completes its defrost cycle.

Like any mechanical component, a check valve can wear down and break. When this occurs, it can result in a heat pump that will not provide either heating or cooling. Professionals can remove the broken check valve (or check valve and metering device combination) and replace it with a new one. Problems with check valves can also resemble trouble with the reversing valve, so make certain that you have skilled technician on the job so the right repair gets done.

Never hesitate when you think your heat pump is encountering trouble. You can reach the Lawrenceville, GA heat pump repair experts at Cool Air Mechanical any time of the day or night, and they will get your comfort system back into shape. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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