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Atlanta Furnace Installation Tip: When is the Right Time?

Here in Atlanta, we expect our furnaces to last a long time. Mild winters help reduce strain on the unit, and with reliable maintenance, you can extend its life well past its warranty date. Sooner or later, however, every major mechanical device needs replacing, and your furnace is no different. But the key question is: when is the right time? The answer varies according to your individual needs, but here’s a handy tip to help.

The issue boils down to up-front cost versus savings over time. A new furnace will likely save you money over your old one when it comes to month-to-month costs. They tend to be more efficient than older furnaces and make better use of energy-saving technology. All of that stands against the initial cost of installation, which obviously should be factored into your considerations.

In some cases, that cost might not be worth it, especially if your old unit is still working fine. If, however, your current furnace is costing you much more than you would like, then it’s probably time to think about a new one. Those costs can include monthly heating bills – which are likely to go up as worn components break down and the ravage or time take their toll – but may also involve specific repairs when the furnace breaks down. If you find yourself call a repair service more often than you’d like, and if those repairs keep costing more and more, then it may be time to make a short-term investment in favor of long-term savings.

If “when is the right time?” turns into “now is the right time,” and you’re looking for Atlanta furnace installation options, contact Cool Air Mechanical for help. Our trained staff can answer any questions you might have, and we perform all of our installation services with professionalism and care. We can also set up maintenance plans to ensure that your new furnace functions at peak capacity for a long time to come. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do for you!

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