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How Much Room Is Needed for a Heat Pump Installation?

For a city with a climate like Atlanta’s, one of the best options you can choose for year-round comfort is a heat pump. Heat pumps operate like air conditioners, except they can switch the direction of heat exchange so that they remove heat from the outside air and put it into your home—you get a heater and air conditioner in one unit. Heat pumps can have difficulty removing ambient heat from the outdoors during extremely cold temperatures… but that’s rarely a problem during mild Georgia winters.

If you are interested in getting a heat pump in Atlanta, GA for your home, you don’t want to rely on amateurs or newcomers to the HVAC business. Cool Air Mechanical has the years of experience that make us a trusted name in home heating and cooling, so turn to us when you have questions or concerns about getting a heat pump installed for the coming season.

How much room will a heat pump take up?

A question we often hear from customers about heat pumps is how much room they will need for an installation. We know this will probably be a major concern if you’re replacing a different system like a furnace, boiler, or central AC.

The first things to know is that when it comes to heat pumps, there is no “one size fits all” option. A heat pump must be sized for your home: based on the heating requirements of your house (square footage, insulation, number of windows, number of people who live there, etc.), installers will determine how large a heat pump you’ll need. So there’s no simple answer to the question of how much space a new heat pump will take up.

However, you probably already have in your home a good benchmark for how much room your heat pump will require: your air conditioner. A heat pump uses indoor and outdoor units to operate that are almost identical to your air conditioner’s, and so it will take up a similar amount of space. However, even if the heat pump will need additional space, keep in mind that you most likely will no longer need your old heating system—furnace, boiler, or other unit—because the heat pump will perform both the job of the AC and the heater. A heat pump will save you space.

Get professional installers involved with the process from the earliest stages. When technicians from Cool Air Mechanical come to your home, they will find the right spot to fit your new heat pump and figure out exactly what size you will need to best serve you with effective heating and cooling. When you’re ready for a heat pump in Atlanta, GA, contact Cool Air Mechanical.

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