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Heat Pump Repair Guide: My Heat Pump Only Cools

For enjoying year-round comfort inside your home in Atlanta, a heat pump is a fantastic device. It can provide you great cooling during our humid summers, and the right amount of heat during our mild winters.

However, heat pumps are complex devices—more complex than a standard air conditioner that only provides cool air. A heat pump can suffer from malfunctions that you might not encounter in simpler HVAC systems with fewer options. If you need your heat pump to provide you with warm air during a cold spell, you’ll be dismayed to discover it only blowing cool air. Often, this signals a problem that requires the attention of professionals. For excellent heat pump repair in Atlanta, GA, give Cool Air Mechanical a call today.

Why your heat pump might only give you cool air:

Let’s start with the simplest explanation: you set the heat pump incorrectly. Make sure that you have the heat pump turned to its “heat” setting on the thermostat. Also check your thermostat’s programming if you have a digital model; it’s possible you accidentally programmed a temperature target that will result in your heat pump operating in cooling mode. The thermostat may have developed malfunctions, so that it no longer senses the correct temperatures in your home and believes it should provide cool air when it needs to provide heat. Thermostat problems will require expert repairs.

For a heat pump to operate as both an air conditioner and a heater, it requires a reversing valve and a second compressor. If you are only getting cool air, the reversing valve may have broken, making it impossible for the heat pump to switch the direction of the flow of refrigerant. A problem with the second compressor will also leave you with a heat pump only capable of acting as an air conditioner.

Also, watch out for environmental conditions: anything surrounding your outdoor unit can impair the system’s ability to extract any heat from the outdoor air. Leaks in the return ducts that bring in additional cold air could also cause this problem. In general, heat pumps have difficulty combating extremely low temperatures, since they will struggle to draw heat from the outdoors. Although heat pumps can handle most Atlanta cold spells, if you regularly experience temperatures below 30°F, you might consider installing a dual fuel system to support the heat pump during the chilliest days of the year.

If you can’t find a simple solution to why your heat pump has started to only blow only cold air, or if you think you need an update to your system, don’t hesitate to call in experts from Cool Air Mechanical. We handle Atlanta, GA heat pump repair, installation, and maintenance. We’ll find a way to make certain your heat pump performs both its jobs and keep you comfortable all year.

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