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Heat Pump Installation Question: Will a Heat Pump Work with My Air Ducts?

If you’ve done research into heat pumps in your quest to get the best comfort for your home, you already know the huge advantages they offer: a heater and air conditioner combined, high energy-efficient performance, lowered indoor humidity. Heat pumps don’t work in every part of the country since their heating function can encounter difficulty with winter temperatures below freezing, but for Georgia’s weather they are ideal.

However, if you’re replacing a central air conditioner that uses ducts, or a forced-air heater like a furnace, you might have some concerns about whether a heat pump will work with this existing ductwork. We’ll address this in this post. For professional advice and expert heat pump installation in Marietta, GA, schedule an appointment with the technicians at Cool Air Mechanical.

Heat pumps and your ducts

Heat pumps operate similarly to air conditioners, so they must use forced air to move around heated and cooled air to your house. If you already have ducts from an air conditioner, then your new heat pump will hook right up to them when it replaces your AC.

However, while you won’t encounter much difference with cooling your home with that same set of ducts, you may have issues with heating, especially if you didn’t use the ducts for heating because you had a system like a boiler that didn’t use forced air. Your ducts might not be optimized to handle the heat from an air pump.

This is why you need to contact professionals when you want to have a heat pump installed—even before you choose a system. Technicians can inspect your home’s current ductwork to see if it will work with the new demands a heat pump will put on it. If there are any repairs required before the installation starts, these technicians will take care of it. You will probably experience few difficulties in your ducts when you make the switch to a heat pump.

However, if a heat pump won’t work with your existing ducts for some reason, you don’t have to worry about abandoning the heat pump as an option entirely. Heat pumps come in ductless models that used mounted air handlers in different rooms of your home to provide heating and cooling. Ask professionals about the feasibility of going with a ductless system.

Call in the experts

Getting any home comfort system installed requires a great deal of work with attention to detail applied at each stage of the process. You need highly trained HVAC specialists to take care of this. If you contact Cool Air Mechanical when you think heat pump installation in Marietta, GA is the best choice, you’ll find out if the new system will work with your ducts. When it comes time to do the installation, Cool Air Mechanical will make sure your new system hooks up seamlessly with your old ductwork so you’ll get years of quality comfort from your heat pump.

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