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Common Heat Pump Problems in Atlanta

When you schedule a professional heat pump installation and routine maintenance service  in Atlanta, you are taking the steps necessary to ensure the efficient, effective operation of that system. Even with a great heat pump model and regular maintenance service, though, you have to expect to run into a problem or two here and there. Heat pumps, like any other mechanical system, experience some common problems. Not all of them are terribly serious, but any time your heat pump seems to be experiencing issues you should call your local service technician. If you live in Atlanta, just call the heat pump experts at Cool Air Mechanical.

One of the more obvious problems that you may experience with your heat pump is a lack of heat in your home. There are many different causes of this issue. Before you assume there is a serious problem take a quick look around at the registers and grilles of your ductwork system. There is a possibility that these were blocked off by shifting furniture or other items. This may account for the ineffectiveness of your heat pump.

If your registers are free of obstruction but your heat pump is not performing effectively you may have a faulty thermostat. If your thermostat is not able to accurately read temperatures and relay that information to your heat pump,then you cannot expect the system to respond properly.

It is also possible that there is a problem with your outdoor unit. Have a look at the unit to see if it is covered with debris, visibly damaged or iced over. Never attempt to service the compressor or condenser of your heat pump yourself. Most heat pumps have a defrost cycle to deal with icing on the coils, but a serious icing problem or other issues can compromise the performance of the system.

Regardless of what issues your heat pump is experiencing, contact Cool Air Mechanical for the professional maintenance and repair services you need. Our expert technicians can have the heat pump in your Atlanta home working again in no time. Call us as soon as you notice a heat pump problem.

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