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Signs Your Ductless System Needs Repair

HVAC systems are essential features of a home, especially in areas that experience extreme weather changes. Today, ductless systems are a common choice for temperature regulation because they are easy to maintain and are quite efficient at transferring heat or cold from one space to another.

HVAC contractors in Cumming, GA, recommend maintaining your AC or heating system regularly, and knowing how to identify some indications for repair or replacement:

Water Leaks

When your AC unit’s drain line gets choked with dirt or the pan gets filled with condensate, you’ll find water leaking into your home. Left unchecked, it can damage the unit and cause harmful molds to grow as well. Regularly clean and drain this pan to avoid water leaks.

Change in Performance

Using your HVAC system consistently can somewhat give you an idea how it typically runs. If you notice a change in functioning like it’s not optimally warm or cold, then expect something off about your unit. It could be that your AC is running low on refrigerant, which you can also trace to a leak.

Icy Coil

If you see ice, then it’s not nice. ACs need ample air flow to prevent the coil from freezing over and poorly cooling ambient air. Additionally, condensation typically appears when the unit is working without trouble. However, when the filter or the coil is dirty, airflow is compromised and the condensate freezes, which prevents the AC from functioning as it should be. Inspect by removing the cover and turning it off if you see ice. Then, call a technician for a quote for HVAC replacement cost in Cumming, GA.

Control Problems

When your unit does not respond to controls, then there could be issues with the power source or connection. Don’t attempt to fix it or you could make things worse and spend more than you have to. If it happens a lot more frequently than usual, then decide whether you’ll proceed with a repair or replace the unit instead.

Age of Your Unit

If your unit hasn’t been maintained or cleaned in years, don’t expect it to run as smoothly as it did the first time you used it. The ductless cooling and heating system will wane in efficiency year after year, but regular maintenance can help slow down this process. An inefficient unit is also more costly to run, so if you see spikes in your electric bill, ten consider canvassing for HVAC system cost in Cumming, GA.

Don’t take your HVAC unit for granted and look for these signs to know when to call a professional for maintenance, repair, or replacement.

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