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Why Indoor Air Quality is Important for Your Health

Everyone’s on a health kick this year. For the most part, people are eating better and exercising more in efforts to improve their health. However, some don’t realize that the air quality can also have a significant impact on your health. When your indoor air quality is compromised, you can develop several allergy-like symptoms as well as serious respiratory problems. Cool Air Mechanical has been an industry leader in air quality testing and remediation since 2007. If you think your air quality has been compromised, here are a few reasons why you should have your home tested.      

When allergy season hits, the symptoms are obvious. Itchy eyes, runny nose, and fatigue are a few common signs of an overactive immune response system. People who suffer from allergies typically stay indoors when pollen counts are high but indoor allergens can cause the same symptoms. Pet dander, mold, and strong perfumes can easily irritate sensitive homeowners. If your allergy symptoms are stronger inside your home than outside, try changing your HVAC filter. Look for filters that specifically trap allergens.

Prolonged exposure to indoor allergens can cause serious respiratory problems like infection, bronchitis, and chronic allergies. Certain types of indoor mold have been known to cause serious respiratory infections that are very difficult to treat. Lung scarring from chronic infections can impair your lung’s ability to heal as well as your quality of life. Don’t let your air quality problems linger; have your air tested for deadly mold and other harmful particulates.

Several studies have shown that breathing clean air actually helps increase brain functionality. In cleanroom environments where the air is filtered through industrial-grade HEPA filters, participants exhibited faster reaction times and increased productivity. Household chemicals like bleach, acetone, and paint, have been known to kill brain cells and dull the senses. Filtering your air will help decrease the risk associated with prolonged chemical exposure.

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