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Universal Cooling: A Brief History of Air Conditioning

Living in Georgia means you rely on your AC unit for most of the year. If you have a quality HVAC system, then you don’t think about it often, but if it’s old or overdue for maintenance, then you may find yourself searching for HVAC repair in Johns Creek. While most people understand the importance of having a reliable AC unit, very few know about the history of air conditioning. Knowing where the idea which cools your home came from may give you a different perspective on the industry. 

How Air Conditioning Began

While the very first concept of air cooling derived from China during the second century, the first modern AC was designed by Willis Haviland Carrier in 1902. Carrier was an engineer who was experiment with the physics of humidity control to solve an issue at a printing plant. Using earlier concepts of mechanical refrigeration, Carrier designed a system which not only cooled the air but removed moisture to lower room humidity as well. From that point, it took roughly 30 more years until his company developed an AC unit with a belt-driven condenser and mechanical controls, which became the standard design for air-cooling systems in the U.S. market.

Technological Advancements in the HVAC Industry

You may be surprised, but today’s air conditioners still operate on the same fundamental principles derived from the 1933 Carrier model, just ask your local HVAC company in Johns Creek. What separates modern HVAC systems from those build in the past are technological advancements made in materials, vapor compression, energy-efficiency, sensors, controls, and automation. Standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy keep pushing for improvements in the HVAC industry. This is the driving force behind continuous optimization of modern AC units. Aside from building systems which are optimized for minimum energy consumption, this has also led to the rise of sophisticated thermostats which can automate air conditioning systems, which means they work only when temperatures are above the desired threshold. In fact, some thermostats are so advanced they let you operate your HVAC system remotely from mobile devices. This means your home can be at the perfect comfort zone by the time you arrive from work. If you have more questions, or need immediate HVAC repair in Johns Creek, don’t hesitate to call your local pro.

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