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Top AC Maintenance Tips for Spring

Boy with FanAs summer kicks into full gear, Atlanta residents rely on their air conditioners 24/7. The last thing you want is for unexpected problems to interfere with your comfort. That’s why it’s always a good idea to invest a bit of time into HVAC preventive maintenance in Sandy Springs. Keep reading to learn the top springtime AC maintenance tips.

Replace or Clean Your AC Filters

This is something that doesn’t take a lot of time or money to do. In fact, it’s something you should be doing all year long. That being said, people tend to forget about air filter replacement because their AC unit is out of sight and out of mind. However, it pays to be mindful about your AC filter condition because a dirty filter makes your unit run harder, releases pollutants into the air, and even leads to the need for early HVAC replacement.

There are 2 types of filters. Most people have throw-away filters. These are cardboard or fiberglass filters that collect dirt and debris and get tossed every 30-90 days, depending on the type. Some people have reusable filters. If you have this type of filter, you need to clean it once every 30 days.

Clean the Condenser Coils

This the exterior part of the AC unit. In order for your AC unit to cool your home properly, the condenser must be well maintained. It’s not unusual for the condenser coils to become dirty over time, especially after a long winter. Rodents, birds, and other wildlife like to make nests in the coils during the winter months. Address any of these problems right away by cleaning out the coils using a garden hose. As the spring and summer months progress, continue washing the condenser unit once a week as part of your yard maintenance routine to make sure grass clippings, leaves, sticks, and other pieces of nature stay out of the coils.

Schedule a Professional Tune-up

Woman Turns on ACCleaning condenser coils and replacing the filter are tasks that the average homeowner can do. However, there are parts of air conditioning maintenance that need the expert hand of a professional HVAC technician. When a qualified technician inspects your home’s HVAC unit, they look for small problems that have a huge impact on how well the unit functions. They also have the tools with them to go ahead and fix the problem before it turns into a very expensive repair.

Examples of services that HVAC technicians perform during an AC tune-up include:

  • Checking the refrigerant and refilling when low
  • Clearing blockages from condensate drain
  • Checking for mechanical failures
  • Inspecting for loose and missing parts like gaskets and washers
  • Cleaning evaporator coils
  • And more!

Regular AC maintenance in Atlanta ensures optimal cooling in your home and lowers energy usage. If you’re looking for simple ways to reduce your home’s energy usage, start with maintenance. A little bit of attention to the delicate parts of your home’s AC unit goes a long, long way toward extending your HVAC system’s lifespan. Ultimately, it saves you money on emergency AC repair while keeping you cool when the temperatures heat up.

Have you scheduled your annual HVAC maintenance? If you’re still looking for a local AC technician, contact the pros at Cool Air Mechanical to schedule your appointment right away.


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