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Things to Expect during an HVAC Installation

HVAC InstallationBefore you replace your HVAC system, make sure you know what’s involved in HVAC installation in Cumming, GA. Here are some important things you need to know about the installation process.

Hire the Right Contractor

The first thing you need to do before installing a new heating and cooling system is to get up to four estimates for installation. Create a list of licensed and insured local HVAC contractors near you and have them come to your place to give you an estimate for your installation project. If you’re installing a special system with specific requirements, make sure the contractor has experience installing the system you’re interested in buying.

Make a Decision about What Part to Replace

Many people think that they need to replace the entire HVAC unit. In some cases, that’s not always necessary. If you recently had an emergency heating repair, you might have been told you can save money by only replace on part of the HVAC system, the heating or the cooling, for example. While this does save money up front, most heating and cooling specialists will recommend you replace the entire unit. Yes, this costs more money up front, but the long-term benefits outweigh the cheaper costs. Look at your budget and speak frankly with your contractor to determine the best choice for your situation.

Get Ready for the Installation

Remove any valuables to a safe area and clear the space around the area before the contractors arrive. This speeds up the installation process, which saves money if you’re paying by the hour. Also, make sure any prep work has been done. For example, were you told it would be a good idea to get HVAC duct replacement, before installing your new system? If so, make sure this is done before the HVAC installation.

Replacing the HVAC Unit

HVACFirst, the crew cuts power to the existing HVAC unit and then removes the old equipment. Next, the contractors install the new heating and air conditioning unit. Once this is done, there’s still work to do. The contractors need to remove refrigerant from the old unit. After this is completed, the old equipment is disassembled and removed from your home. Make sure the contractor you hire removes the old equipment. Reputable companies include this as part of their service, but some companies don’t include this or try to charge you more than the initial bid. You don’t want to be stuck with the job to get rid of this equipment, so make sure it’s part of the replacement service.

Maintaining Your New System

When you install a new system, it’s important to stay on top of small maintenance tasks like replacing the air filter and getting seasonal tune-ups. Cooling and heating maintenance in Cumming, GA, gives you the tools to keep your system running efficiently. After the installation process is complete, speak with your HVAC installer and learn about the maintenance recommendations for your new HVAC system. If you’ve installed a new model than you’ve used in the past, ask questions to learn the best ways to use the new system to your benefit.

Whether you need a new heating and cooling system installed or you need other residential HVAC services in Cumming, GA, contact Cool Air Mechanical to speak with a professional today!

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